Revell F-86F

February 5, 2020 · in Aviation · · 11 · 2.2K

All raised details have been rescribed, a lot of scratch inside the cockpit because it was completly wrong for the F model of the aircraft, hypodermic needle pitot tube, movable flaps, fuselage drains drilled and opened, scratch built intake cover, painted yellow stripes (they ended up a little too wide) and lot of effort and time to make this model look Right.

Also a little tip I found really useful, for darker Metallic shades I used Tamiya smoke, I think I got nice results.

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  1. You've had a lot of work on this one... turning an old kit to something presentable is a huge effort, congratulations.
    After my F9F yesterday, it seems that Korean war is word of the day 😉 will we have a mig tomorrow?

    • Thank you!
      Sometimes I like to work with those old kits, the end result its more satisfying (for me) because you spend more time detailing and trying to work with what you have to give a finish product, I think that's actually the point of the hobby.
      But sometimes it's really good to disintoxicate from those kits and work with some "shake n' bake" like tamiya, I also find them less stressful and relaxing.

      • Yes, I agree with you regarding old kits. I love them also! If you visit my profile you'll see that I also like to spend some time fixing them to end up with something almost good. And yes, the joy of the hobby goes through that.
        (but, I must confess that one of this days I'll try one of those “shake n’ bake” 😉 )

  2. For the longest time this kit (Actually Monogram mold before the merger) was the only 1/48 Saber out there. Very nicely done!

  3. I did a diorama with this kit when I was in 8th grade. Yours looks excellent, nice work on the different shading.

  4. Marvelous job. The details really make the build.

  5. Excellent job ! I like the bright colours, the metal finish, and the overall look of your model.

  6. Love the old kits! Great job on one of my favorite aircraft. I need to build one of these soon!

  7. Fantastic work! looks beautiful.

  8. Had you not used the word Monogram could have gotten away with murder. However by telling the truth and proving that elbow grease,pres·er·va·tion
    , common sense and some modeling skill can make a Monogram classic very contemporary.

    Two thumbs up Rene'

  9. That's a lovely Sabre! Nice details and NMF work.

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