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Trumpeter 1/32 Avenger TBF-1

March 17, 2020 · in Uncategorized · · 26 · 1.9K

This is my Trumpy built to represent an aircraft attached to a training squadron circa 1943.

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  1. Wow! Awesome looking aircraft. How long in the build?

  2. That is a fantastic job, Mark! You put a lot of quality work in there. I have the same kit unbuilt, your finished model tempting me to give it a go...
    All the best!

  3. Looks fantastic - very realistic weathering and distressing of the finish. Well done!

  4. This looks like you had a time machine and brought an Avenger back, and then somehow shrunk it down to 1/32 scale. I especially like the variations in the upper wing colors where the previous unit markings and the round insignia were painted over ...

    Two thumbs up and a great big "liked"...

  5. Really like the worn finish.

  6. Nice, looks like it's ready for take off!

  7. That's very beautiful. Tell us more!

    • Thanks Tim.
      I used 3 different shades of the main colour and then oils to blend it all together with a touch of pastels in places just to add to the mix.
      The AK Real Colours for the blue/grey was far too pale for my liking although the AK lacquer paints mixed well with the Tamiya acrylics and airbrushed perfectly.

  8. Sweet build. Love it. Echo everything said above.

  9. Great build and an AWESOME finish, reflecting the touch of an artist.

  10. What can I say Buddy, another really great build, fantastic paint job, Masterclass, EXCELLENT.

  11. That’s one well done Turkey*! Very inspiring.

    Whoops...I meant “excellent looking” !

    Somebody gave me this kit years ago but I have been daunted by its size. How much room does this beast take up?
    Or should I just build it anyway?

    • That’s the Avenger flight crew nickname for this bird.
  12. Waaw! Made me think of the Bermuda Triangle scene scene in “ close encounters of the 3 d kind “ !
    Unreal !

  13. More than beautiful! I adore your skill of making weathering and wear and tear looking so real! This Avenger really tells a story...

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