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MiG-15bis “Fagot” – 17th IAP, 303rd IAD, Red 139, Cap. Bytchkov (Korean War)

April 29, 2020 · in Aviation · · 14 · 2.2K

Bonjour chers imodelers,

This is my rendition of the , under the colours of the North Korean Air Force early 50s, but piloted by Russians, as everybody knows.

The model is almost perfect despite its age. I used Metallic Vallejo paints, and I had some issues with the Vallejo varnish dedicated to their metallic paints, like orange skin aspect. Anyway. I should now build a F-86 Sabre to displai the ennemy brothers.

I hope you like it, and thanks for watching!

See you soon for another project and, take care!

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  1. Very nice Mig, Stephane! And great weathering too.
    All the best!

  2. The metal finish is quite good, and the build MIG look solid, what’s not to like about it? Great work ?

  3. A fine looking MiG, Stéphane. I'm starting to use Vallejo Metal more and more. I just use plain old Future and it doesn't seem to affect the finish

    • Thanks for your comments and advise. I have some Future (Klir en France), I will try next time. On my side, I use more and more Mr Color UV Cut varnish (GX series), result is superb. But I did not dare on Vallejo Metal. Wrong decision, maybe...

      One question : do you thin Vallejo Metal with Vallejo Thinner? It is always a hard decision: with thinner, almost no clogging effect but the covering is not perfect, and without, risk of clogging effect, but covering is excellent. Depending on the metal color, sometimes 2 or 3 drops of flow improver works. But it is always a bet. My experience anyway...

      • I've only just started using the paint but I just use it straight out of the bottle. I don't know how other airbrushes work but this is what I do with my Testor's Aztek A470. I turn the paint flow knob down to about 50%. This allows me to blow straight air when I push the trigger down. I'll paint for about 5 seconds, turn the airbrush away from the model and then send a blast of just air to clean off the tip. I have never had the tip clog up and rarely get paint splatter that others complain about. I do this with all acrylic paint

        • Thanks for your answer, George. I do not have the same experience, or let's say it is sometimes the way you describe, and sometimes it is hell with clogged tip.
          Anyway, I will insist again and again 😉

  4. Nicely done - NMF looks great, and the scheme makes it stand out.

  5. Thanks to all, guys 😉
    Take care!

  6. Great result with this. I like it a lot.

    The Vallejo metallic paints are great, so long as you don't use their primer (too grainy) or the varnish. Using the varnish makes everything monochromatic, when in reality natural metal has different hues and different reflectivity from different metal used on different panels. If you use Tamiya Gloss Black, 50-50 thinned and mist it on till you have a nice smooth gloss, then let it cure overnight, your metallics will be great. You can handle these without having a protective varnish. I use them all the time like this and the results are what you see on my NMF models.

    • Hi Tom,
      Thanks for your comments. I do not use Vallejo primer, but Mr. Color Gloss Black, 50/50 thinned as well. Works fine.

      Problems come later with oil paints. I effectively coated with the Metal Vallejo Varnish (gloss) before weathering. But it does not protect perfectly the metal paint.

      I am working on a NMF MiG-21F-13, I will try something else and will let you know 😉

      See the work before applying varnish coat. Looks fine to me:

      1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  7. Hello Stéphane,
    Realy nice model and well done knowing how it is difficult to cope with metallic paint 😛
    But you managed it well and can see the various tones you have applied.
    I never tried so far the Vallejo metallic paints but had a quite good experience with AK Extreme metal paints even though it remains delicate. But definitely the pigments are super fine which provides a realistic finish.
    Bravo pour ce joli travail 🙂

    • Merci Alex.
      Effectively, AK looks a good alternative. This range came after Vallejo paints, and my stock of Vallejo paints is not peanuts. So I will decrease it before going on to AK 😉

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