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1/48 Airfix Blenheim Mk.I Bomber

May 1, 2020 · in Aviation · · 22 · 2.3K

I decided to do the Mk.If kit as the Mk. I bomber. All it required was using the excellent Vector bomb sight and the alternative clear nose part, with the lower port panel buffed clear, supplied in the kit. I had the Eagle Strike decal Blenheim pt. 2 in my decal stash which had the markings of K7040 of 114 Sq. which was the plane I decided to do. The model represents the 7th plane from the first batch of 150 delivered between Jan. 1937 to Jan. 1938. I also used SBS engine and cowling set to replace the kit parts. The resin castings are superb and are light years better than the kits parts. Gaspatch's fine Lewis machine gun which is far superior in detail to the kit part was also used. seat belts were the only addition in the cockpit as the kit details are quite nice.

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  1. Dale, all those extras paid off, because your Blenheim is fantastic. Does the slide canopy window come in the box or is extra work you made?

  2. Thanks Pedro. It comes with the kit.

  3. Very nice looking camo Dale

  4. Glad you like it George.

  5. Flawless job on the Blenheim, Dale. So much to admire with the precision of the paintwork and really fine detailing. What stands out most for me is the intricacy of the engines and how precisely you did the masking on the greenhouse canopy. I don't currently have a Blenheim in my stash but you've inspired me to get one. In spite of its angularity, its really quite a sleek and handsome aircraft.

  6. Very nice work on this (as usual). I like this kit a lot and look forward to doing a bomber. I'm OK with what's in the box, but you did great with the "upgrade."

  7. Amazing job, Dale! Painting and detailing are exceptional.
    All the best!

  8. splendid work

  9. Thanks a lot Bob.

  10. Looks great, love the paint scheme!

  11. Another winner, Dale!

  12. Thanks Greg.

  13. Beautiful work and well made. My late granddad (Father ) told me during the war in the UK the Blenheim first flew out of RAF Wyton . He was a flying Sargent and flew the Spitfire. and the AT-6 Texan as we call it. He did 20 years in and retired in 1958 out of the Royal Air Force. He knew engines in aircraft well. On his 90th Birthday he flew with somebody else were in the Harker Hind He told nice aircraft but wrong engine. They did change the engine to the right type later that year. He lived to be one day shy being 94.

  14. Thanks @modelplanemaker for your kind comments!

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