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Bristol Blenheim - a British light bomber aircraft used in the early days of the Second World War.

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Blenheim Overpainted Roundels

Hi folks I’ve just recently bought the 1/48 Bristol Blenheim and I’m very excited about getting started with it! The scheme I want to build is a pre war one with over painted roundels, however I can’t seem to make sense of how to do [...]

Airfix 1:48 Bristol Blenheim Mk. I

I finished this in August 2021. I enjoyed the build, which is OOB with the exception of some Eduard photo-etch seat belts. This recent Airfix kit is quite complex. From a fit point of view it's not as well engineered as Tamiya, but what [...]

1/72 Bristol Blenheim IVf.

This is the new tool Airfix Blenheim. Airfix has given the Blenheim pretty extensive coverage over the last 8 years. They’ve produced bomber and fighter variants of both the Mk. I and Mk. IV in 1/72 for a total of four kits. They [...]

1/48 Bristol Blenheim If.

This is the outstanding recent Airfix kit. It’s highly detailed, well engineered, and is a pleasure to build. I started this one late last year and it assembled very quickly with no problems. The only thing I added was a set of Eduard [...]

When old modeler's retire

These are photos of my fathers collection in his 'man cave' out the back of his garage. He has been modeling since he was young and would have made his first kit back in the 1950s. He has finally decided that its time for his collection to [...]

Balkans Brit...1/48 Bristol Blenheim Mk.I Royal Yugoslav Airforce

23/2020 My dad´s latest completion. Airfix kit, seatbelt decals for the pilot seat from the sparesbox, masking tape for the other seats, painted with a selfmixed RLM65 (mix not known anymore), ochre paint mixed with Tamiya XF-60 Dark [...]

1/48 Airfix Blenheim Mk.I Bomber

I decided to do the Airfix Blenheim Mk.If kit as the Mk. I bomber. All it required was using the excellent Vector bomb sight and the alternative clear nose part, with the lower port panel buffed clear, supplied in the kit. I had the [...]

Classic Airframes 1/48 Blenheim IV.f, 404 Squadron, RCAF 1941

This is Classic Airframes 1/48 Blenheim Mk IV, Finished as a 404 Squadron, RCAF, aircraft flown by Wing Commander Woodruff, and F/S Sims on 18 December, 1941, when they scored this units first air-to-air victory, a JU-88, operating out of [...]

Classic Airframes 1/48 Bristol Blenheim I

I like this aircraft and have built it c1938. The kit however is challenging, it had an injection canopy which took some fitting, managed to get it on then realised I hadn't fitted several interior parts! Doh! The kit decals are excellent [...]

Airfix 1:48 Scale, Bristol Blenheim Mk.If

I just finished this one...loved the kit, and planning on a second in Desert Air Force livery. On the whole, the kit was an interesting build. Went together well, without a lot of crying... very little putty... putty means sanding... [...]