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Bristol Blenheim - a British light bomber aircraft used in the early days of the Second World War.

Airfix Blenheim 1/48

Airfix Blenheim Mk.1 1/48 RAF in Greece, 1941 Biggest plane i have built so far. I love the Blenheim in both 1/72 and 1/48, although the 72nd version has some fitting issues. I used the AK interactive Middle stone for the paint job, Ammo [...]

1/48 AirFix Bristol Blenheim Mk.1

Been quite a long time since I have been on the site with a completed model! A lot of "life" has kept me from the bench for almost a year. I picked up this kit on Facebook Marketplace along with an AirFix P-51D for $15. [...]

Airfix 1/72 Bristol Blenheim IV

The development of the Blenheim began when the Bristol Type 142, a civil airliner that first flew in April 1935, impressed with its performance, with the Air Ministry ordering a modified design as the Type 142M for the RAF as a bomber. [...]

Airfix Blenheim Mk.I 1/72

Finally finished this Airfix Bristol Blenheim Mk. 1 in 72nd scale. Even though every review warns about the fiddly canopy and even though i already did this kit a year ago, i still am somewhat disappointed and have very mixed feelings [...]

Blenheim Mk I, Finnish Air Force 1942

The Blenheim MK I was modified from a civilian concept aircraft for a small high speed 6 passenger transport (Bristol Type 142) in 1935. The success of this concept impressed the RAF and they issued specification B.28/35 for prototypes of [...]

Blenheim Overpainted Roundels

Hi folks I’ve just recently bought the 1/48 Bristol Blenheim and I’m very excited about getting started with it! The scheme I want to build is a pre war one with over painted roundels, however I can’t seem to make sense of how to do [...]

Airfix 1:48 Bristol Blenheim Mk. I

I finished this in August 2021. I enjoyed the build, which is OOB with the exception of some Eduard photo-etch seat belts. This recent Airfix kit is quite complex. From a fit point of view it's not as well engineered as Tamiya, but what [...]

1/72 Bristol Blenheim IVf.

This is the new tool Airfix Blenheim. Airfix has given the Blenheim pretty extensive coverage over the last 8 years. They’ve produced bomber and fighter variants of both the Mk. I and Mk. IV in 1/72 for a total of four kits. They [...]

1/48 Bristol Blenheim If.

This is the outstanding recent Airfix kit. It’s highly detailed, well engineered, and is a pleasure to build. I started this one late last year and it assembled very quickly with no problems. The only thing I added was a set of Eduard [...]

Balkans Brit...1/48 Bristol Blenheim Mk.I Royal Yugoslav Airforce

My dad´s latest completion. Airfix kit, seatbelt decals for the pilot seat from the sparesbox, masking tape for the other seats, painted with a selfmixed RLM65 (mix not known anymore), ochre paint mixed with Tamiya XF-60 Dark Yellow and [...]