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AD-6 Skyraider 1/48 Monogram

May 17, 2020 · in Aviation · · 14 Comments

I love sometime build old kit from box, with decal from box, without rescrabing panel lines. Only for fun. Because i mean, this old kits beutifuls. This is another of it

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14 responses

  1. Beautiful model!

  2. very nice Skyraider, I like the paintjob very much and I also like vintage models. Great work with this oldie.

  3. @joeross that is quite a way to go. And the result is really great - thank you for sharing your OOB build.

  4. Love that you built it as is. Looks great! One of the neatest things about the kit is that Monogram has features that allow you to cut the wings and fold them. Unfortunately, they did not make the grooves deep enough on the insides of the wing parts to make a tidy, clean cut- but they provide the coverings for the ends of the wing outer sections and wing root portions- no hinge?! You can see my folded wing on an AD-4NA conversion of the Monogram AD-6 here on Imodeler- I had to make the hinge.

    Never could understand why Tamiya never provided a folded wing option on their Skyraider! They could have re-released with a "folded wing" boxing! One new sprue with only the parts you need to fold...replacing the original non folding wing... or one wing for USAF, one for USN...yeah I know, one more mold and $$$$$$$. They did what worked for them and the bottom line!

  5. I have always enjoyed building Monograms kits because as you have demonstrated they are great.

  6. One of my favorites; very nice!

  7. Nice work, Josef. Most of these older Monogram kits are a lot of fun. They’re usually pretty accurate and build with few hassles. That Skyraider is one of the best they made and you got the most out of it.

  8. You did a great job with your Skyraider Josef. It looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  9. Nicely done, great color scheme!

  10. That's a great model Josef! I love OOB builds, especially nicely built ones like yours.
    All the best!

  11. Nicely done - I do love building old kits.

  12. Nice looking Spad,those old kits can be made into some good looking models. Nicely done.

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