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Uh oh, another 1/48 Airfix P-40B and then some…

May 5, 2020 · in Aviation · · 22 · 1.9K

For my second shelter in place build, I decided to go with George Welch's Warhawk.

I presume most of you iModeler flyguys have already built squadrons of early Warhawks or Tomahawks by now and/or are familiar with the history of Welch's bird at Pearl Harbor on Dec 7th, so let's talk styrene.

This is one of Airfix's better kits with the plastic being of higher quality than usual as it was manufactured in the UK instead of India. The detail seems crisper as well. No serious build problems as long as you take in some of the online tips written on this site and elsewhere and simply follow the kit instructions. Fit is great but tight so it helps to glue some of the parts to one of the fuselage halves and do some test fitting and light sanding prior to sandwiching the whole shebang together. My only complaint is the kit-supplied prop is rather anemic looking.

Pretty much built out of the box, I did use a few aftermarket items: BarracudaCast wheels, PE lap belts and Master-Model odds n ends. Acrylic paints used were Tamiya, Vallejo and Polly S, finished off with Alclad flat lacquer.

This Warhawk was an enjoyable break after a series of building Mustangs and Spits. I highly recommend it. Thumbs up Airfix!

I included extra photos of the oft-maligned Hobbycraft Tomahawk with RT Smith markings that I built in O-16 to try out some EZ Line. I had a good time building that one as well, even though it doesn't hold a candle to the Airfix Hawk.

Decals and parts are included in this Airfix kit to build Smith's AVG Tomahawk or Welch's, so it's a big win-win for the money.

Thanks for looking.

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  1. Nice save on that rear window...

    Great result here - this is definitely one of my favorite Airfix kits.

  2. Flawless P-40! Nice work.

    • Thanks very much, Robert. Flawless? Nope. For one thing the carpet monster devoured the right rear clear panel. See T.C.’s comment above.

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    Walt said on May 5, 2020

    Second time today I am saying I like P-40's and given my choice I like the lines of the early models more than the later ones. Although both have very pleasing lines. Great work on your build. Looks great even in simple marking on OD. Just the right amount of wear and tear for a prewar bird. I am curious what color did you use for the bottom of the aircraft? It looks to have a little more blue tint then I am used to, but then I am not sure of what the color call out for that time was. I am assuming neutral gray.

    • Good observation Walt! Prior to painting the bottom with thinned Tamiya XF-51 neural grey, I pre-shaded the panel lines using a dark blue instead of black. A tip that I recently read somewhere and wanted to try. Not sure if it worked.

  4. Great build. I wouldn't have noticed that window if Tom had not mentioned it.

    • Thanks. Because of the curvature of the clear plastic on grated cheese containers and the like, they do make for great windshields and glass panels. I owe Tom for that tip.

  5. Good looking pair of early Tomahawks.

  6. Nice work! I love that kit too.

  7. Exceptional job, minus the window save, Eric. The underside bluegray looks very pleasing to the eye and certainly not out of place. Although I admire all those great Hawk camos, I still have a softy spot for the early OD over gray early ones; maybe as the -B's beautiful lines need no more than a simple lovely OD over gray to look amazing.
    All the best!

  8. Ah Eric nice work on one of my favorite A/C. Nicely done, and i have one in the stash but don't know why I haven't build one yet.

  9. Don’t ever apologize for building a P-40. Always a classic. Nicely done.

  10. I can get tired of Mustangs, Spits and 109's, but never seem to tire of all the Hawks! Another nice one here!

    • Thanks Greg. I actually built a third Hawk - Hasegawa’s P-40E but it was destroyed in a mid air shelf collision and spiraled down to the floor. Wish I had salvaged the parts.

  11. Awesome Pearl Harbor, P-40, Eric. Thanks for posting the fix for rear window 'spare parts'.

    iModeler site is P-40 Nirvana - glad I signed up for it.

    • Thanks. Welcome to iModeler if you just signed up. I find it pretty friendly with lots of great tips and historical info. You going to post ant P-40's you've built?

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