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1 48 Tamiya F4U 1 Birdcage flown by...

June 12, 2020 · in Aviation · · 24 · 1.7K

-1 Birdcage flown by 1st alt. Wilbur “Gus” Thomas credited with 18.5 kills . Also 3.33 probables And 3 damage . I used Tamiya paints and Eagle Edition decals . Sometime this year I will be repainting the PSP . Hope you like ?

103850597_681957832657016_9166453734367115261_n by b007scott, on Flickr

104184545_681957752657024_6814466059613382938_n by b007scott, on Flickr

104156373_681957525990380_5557194168528887346_n by b007scott, on Flickr

103985063_681957712657028_4536407323526627153_n by b007scott, on Flickr

103927552_681957905990342_7819196241593608936_n by b007scott, on Flickr

103863334_681957585990374_2744145947662873987_n by b007scott, on Flickr

103850597_681957832657016_9166453734367115261_n by b007scott, on Flickr

103771611_681957899323676_2395200376860778077_n by b007scott, on Flickr

103650794_681957875990345_700059831263003339_n by b007scott, on Flickr

103166103_681957785990354_2139019962984129101_n by b007scott, on Flickr


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  1. Nicely done Brian, are those kit figures or after market? Both look great.

  2. Nice clean build! Looks great.

  3. Nice looking diorama, those figures (especially the pilot) look terrific! I was wondering what colour is the PSP, a rather worn metal or some grey(ish) metal? I have one to paint and have no idea where to go with it

    • The PSP was actually painted Olive Drab at the factory. It would quickly "ding,", collect dirt, oil spills etc. This is a diorama of the cleanest airfield in the Solomons. 🙂

      • No doubt about that Tom, thanks for the hint about the PSP colour, much appreciated!

        • The real stuff was also very heavy Pedro... @holzhamer
          Each piece weighed close to 100 pounds ! My Dad had some sections of it. We used it to help move vehicles around when the yard was soaked from rain when I was a kid. The stuff is virtually indestructible...and very useful as a traction device for vehicles.

  4. I like it a lot, Brian!
    Figures look amazing too!

  5. Nice job, Brian. I like the paint job.

  6. Good looking bird. Nicely done!

  7. Yours is a fine Corsair, Brian!

    Thanks for sharing with us.

  8. Really nice painting and weathering. Aren't those great kits!

  9. That pilot figure is one of the best I have seen. dynamic and realistic.

  10. Nice job Brian-good looking bird!

  11. The paint is fantastic. I like the light weathering. Bravo!

  12. Brian, Nice clean build, I really like the nice work on the figures, especially the fit you got on the pilot. Well done !

  13. terrific job

  14. Really good Corsair. That pilot figure is most realistic.

  15. A flawless build!

  16. Very nice build, Brian.
    Still have a very old Revell standing here in storage.
    Hopefully I can bring it to live like yours.
    Well done.

  17. Great looking Corsair. Really liked the paint job and how the three lights came out on the underside of the wing.

  18. The bent-wing bird is my favorite, and your rendition is a beauty!

  19. The Corsair is my all time favorite plane and yours looks fantastic. Your builds always look great. Another masterpiece Brian. @f-104nut


  20. Looks very nice… I’m just starting the same kit.

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