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1/48th OV-1D Mohawk

August 8, 2020 · in Aviation · · 12 · 2.1K

Here are a few pictures of my OV-1D . This kit was a bit of a challenge but not super difficult. Assembly simply required a lot of patience. The SLAR boom and the cockpit were both aftermarket resin from Cobra Company. Those accessories enhanced the model immensely.

Back when I was selected for Army fixed-wing training, I was on my way to the Mohawk transition, but while I was on leave, my assignments officer called to give me the sad news that the Mohawk was being retired from service. Consequently, my orders to Mohawk school were cancelled and I was sent to C-12 school instead. Still got into the Army airplane community, but I didn't get to fly the Mohawk, which was a tremendous disappointment.



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  1. Nicely done ! Something not built to often. We've got a Mohawk on display at the Cradle of Aviation Museum here on Long Island NY. How was it flying the C-12, I'd see them on the flight line sometimes and wondered if it was for VIP's

  2. I like that, well done

  3. Very nice. You have turned a very average kit into something special.

  4. Very nice work on what I know isn't an easy kit. Good to see you didn't make the most common Mohawk-builder's mistake (I learned the hard way) and got the side panels of the cockpit opening right.

  5. That's a very nice model of the Mohawk, Scott, the extras enhancing it a lot, too!

  6. A beautiful build of a beautiful aircraft, Scott.
    I can imagen that you were looking forward to have a flight in it.

  7. Excellent rendition, Scott, bravo!
    Typically a bird quite unknown in Europe. I wish to build one some day...

  8. Well done Scott, too bad the Army retired it from service. The USAF never liked the Army flying things with fixed wings.

  9. You can be sure that a plane that has a short nose, huge canopy, triple tail, and engines on top of the wings will be a complex build, but it looks terrific. I grew up near Biggs AAF in El Paso and would see Mohawks there all the time. This matches them perfectly. Great job, Scott (@scott57). I'll bet C-12s were a lot of fun. Did you end up on the passenger side, or was your plane full of electronics gear? Is an Army Bird Dog build in your future?

  10. How did you weight the nose down? Everything behind the rear bulkhead?

  11. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    Lovely work on that model Scott. The added accessories give it a more hefty look and stance.

  12. Looks great! I think the Army ended up with two of the best-looking birds in the skies - the OV-1 and the OV-10. I really like them both.

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