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Airfix 1/72 Buccaneer S.2C No. 809 NAS

Hi There,
I bought this at Scale Scotland Murrayfield last year and have been scared stiff to cut the wings ever since.
I finally stuck my courage to the sticking place and got on with it.
This one is a little personal as the home base for 809 NAS was HMS Fulmar and as it's close to Dingwall this makes her one of mine.

Primed with UMP Grey
Painted with Colourcoats Extra Dark Sea Grey, Light Aircraft Grey and Light Admiralty Grey, AK Xtreme Metals Aluminium, Lifecolor Dark Admiralty Grey, Rubber Black and Desert Yellow.
Washed with Citadel Nuln Oil and Flory Dark Dirt.
Finished with Windsor & Newton Satin Varnish.

I really enjoyed this one but didn't plan it very well, when I build the next one it will be better.

As always,
Thanks for looking and all comments and criticism are welcome.

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24 responses

  1. This is a really nice kit they've released, and you have certainly made the most of it,. Alistair. It's certainly an excellent result.

    One hopes they will take this and up-size it to replace that awful 1/48 kit.

  2. Excellent build! I agree - it looks like they engineered a fantastic kit!

  3. I know of those Alphabet soup builds. Done with out a recipe and not in a linear fashion or order but, the act of creating something " new" is never surgical . Somethings evolve and are organic and you learn about the process as you go end it all works. Kind of like having kids...a c**p shoot.

    Two thumbs up Alistair

  4. Great job! The wing fold was a definite success. Now all you need is their FG.1 Phantom to pair it up with. It's a well engineered kit as well.

  5. Nicely done Alistair, looks good.

  6. This is an excellent build, Alistair!
    I really like the "wings folded" looks!

  7. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    Attention grabbing model and work Alistair. Your dedication for the folded wings paid off.
    Looking forward to what you will do with a 1/48 scale version.

  8. Nice work, Alistair. The sheen on your paintwork is just right. Add me to the chorus who want Airfix to upscale this one.

  9. Great looking model Alistair, love the folded wings!

  10. Hello Alistair,

    Excellent result on this famous Royal Navy carrier based airplane. Folded wings make the AC so much more attractive and save a lot of space. Airfix i certainly
    Regards, Dirk
    The Netherlands. on the right track for us modelers.

    • Hi There,
      Thanks very much for your kind comments.

      Space saving was part of my thought process but she looks so much better with the wings folded and the aribrake open. It's just a pity that airfix didn't give us the option to fold the nosecone back.


  11. This is a great build, Alistair.
    Folded wings and open tail are looking great.

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