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"Ta-152 C-O" WW-II German Fighter."

This is my 139th story that I'm posting here on "iModeler." I purchased the model sometime in the summer of 2016, and with the writing on one of the photos it say's I finished the model around late November, 2016. The price that is written on the photo was for my special model insurance.

WOW! I did not expect all the excellent "PE" parts when I bought the kit on line, however I used all of them. The photo's show that there is next to no flashing on any of the parts, plus the fit was excellent. I give "" a great big "Thank You" for making this wonderful kit.

I used aluminum tubing for my cannon & machine gun barrels and I crafted the seat belt/harness straps by using some of my old nylon ribbons with Waldron buckles.

I punched out the photo dials with my Waldron punch set then put the dials in the instrument panel.

In reality I was appalled at how easy it was to build this Ta-152 C-O model, as I had built over 300 kit's since 1977.
After fixing any surface flaws and sanding down the exterior of the kit to 3M's 600 wet/dry sandpaper, using lots of clean water, it was inspection time (!#!?!^^).

I gave myself the "GO-AHEAD" to paint the model with the paints that I have used for over 20 years. My photo's show that I used 3 different color's, however after 4 years, I don't recall the names nor number's of my paint. I gloss coated the model with "Future" then applied all the kit decals. Once dried, another overcoat of Future, and then I applied a light coat of Microscale's dull coat.

There you have it, another model by me, which is my last venture in modeling.

I retired from everything!

Enjoy: Rodney J. Willians

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12 responses

  1. A nice looking Ta 152! Well done.

    • Thanks greg...
      I Though I was building a "D-9 DORA." They sure look alike!
      This was an excellent kit. I guess I can add the first wing decal photo as I cut the excess decal away from the white parts, then I laid down the 4 white parts that make up the wing decal. RJW

      2 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  2. Rodney...what does "value $2,100.00" mean?


  3. Very fine looking model, Rodney.
    Nice detailing.
    139 stories, that is really impressive, in how many years did you achieve this?

    • Hi John: I started posting the model's in late October, 2019. Some time later a guy emailed me to quit posting and let other's post, so I quite posting for a month or so then I got back at it!

      The "web-site" owner never wrote to me about me posting, so I really don't know what to do.

      From 1977 to 2016 I built over 300 models! Many of them were for clients.
      I have 284 models here at home with over 300 awards. I tried to sell/donate some of the models, but have not succeeded! My wife and family don't want to keep them after I die, so I guess the trash collector can have them.

  4. I like the camouflage you created for this model, very eye catching

  5. This is a fantastic model, Rodney, with a very eye catching scheme.
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. I'm 3 days later with this reply because I got busy doing nothing?":L>?""::LL.

    Really I was going through some of my "client" modeler folders and I though that my photos of converting a P-51D to a "B" version would be interesting to post, especially in 1/24th scale as there were no "B" models by Airfix back then.

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