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Westland built D.H.9 B7620
J A Gray & J J Comerford, A Flight, 211 Sqn.
27th June 1918 shortly before being brought down in a Dutch field after being hit by flak
Wnw 1:32 32035

35 additional images. Click to enlarge.

14 responses

  1. T^hanks for the inspiration, David. I have this kit. Your work here is superb, your normal standard. I really like this a lot.

  2. You can effectively state this is 1:1 scale, or, better, the real thing, David.
    This is tremendouly well done job!

  3. Great work, David. It has a beautiful, rich, luster "feel"...especially the cockpit area.

  4. Incredible detail!

  5. Things I noticed.
    It's very hard to beat the look of a well-done Wingnuts kit(set)
    The marvelous paintjob, especially the interior colors
    The unreal amount of things sticking out all over the place. Was this designed to
    torture the air or move through it?
    Fabulous job.

  6. This is such a great build, David.
    Every bit of this model is so perfect.
    So much detail, unbelievable.

  7. The closer you look, the better it gets!
    Just fantastic.

  8. Nothing short of professional. Folks like to say museum quality and I would add an inspiration boarding on "Art". When viewing this build I can only lament that WingNut Wings went under and the remaining kits should be left for the professionals.

    Two thumbs up David.

  9. Excellent ! You know i love it. Thank you for sharing a so beautiful DH9.

  10. David, @mentaldental
    This is an amazing build... (as are all of your WW1 planes). I especially like, well...
    everything about it ! It looks so lifelike...especially the wood. The weathering, dirt / grime / oil splotches all look very authentic and extremely realistic. The rigging and turnbuckles are also fabulous, as are the rib stitching effects, and the PC 10 finish. Each time I look at this beauty, I notice something new...

    My friend, you have a serious set of skills. I can only hope to achieve something close to what you have done here, when I take a crack at the various WnW kits I have in the stash. The most recent one I picked up is the 1/32 scale Meng Fokker Dr-1, which was originally designed (but not manufactured) by Wingnut Wings. Mine came with the resin 1/10th scale bust of Manfred von Richtofen.

    I am not any good with painting figures, but someone like you could have a great time with it. When completed, it would look very good sitting next to the Wingnut Wings MVR Albatros DV I have in the stash.

    In the future, I may just get one or two more of these Dr-1's as they become available. I picked mine up at Sprue Brothers, but they were sold out of the ones that were the standard kit offering without the bust figure, so I had to pay a little extra and get the kit that included the bust with it. Had I not purchased mine when I did, I was afraid they would sell out completely, and I would have been left out in the cold...I hope that Meng will produce more of these Dr-1's, so I can get one or two more for the collection.

    I have a question for you about the DH9... What sort of device is that beside the cockpit ? Is it a radio or wireless set ? It's located on the Starboard side of the fuselage, between the front and rear openings.

    Two thumbs up and a great big "liked". Thanks for sharing this masterpiece with us.

    • I'm glad everyone is enjoying the took soooooo loooong to completed compared to a single seat fighter.
      I believe the device on the starboard side would be a low level bomb aiming device. The kit comes with a standard and low level bomb sight.
      I'll do another DH9/DH9a at some point but I need to improve the rigging and try proper aero/flying wires. Modellers on the WNW FB page have shown how to do it.

  11. I love your WWI builds, though I don't touch WWI stuff! Wonderfully executed!

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