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Monogram 1/48 AD-6 backdated to an AD-3 of VMA 212 in Korea

September 27, 2020 · in Aviation · · 16 Comments

This started out as OOB build using kit decals. Unfortunately they were toast and did not cooperate when being applied. I used Euro decals for the and they were excellent. I scratchbuilt the early AERO bomb racks then added Eduard 250s complete with the etch fuses. My eyes will never be the same. The main wing pylons are from a Hasegawa P-47 with Eduard 500 pounders. The center 1000 pounder is True Details (whatever happened to them?). I scratch built the rack for it which was mounted with explosive bolts do the bomb would clear the prop if used in dive bombing. The -3s only carried one 20mm in each wing. I left the extra armor plate on as it could have been an add on. Paint is MM Glossy Sea Blue (the best) with a semi gloss over coat. Exhaust streaking was created using Tamiya Weathering pastels. Nice stuff. Usually I airbrush but I like the effect here.

A special tip of the old flight cap to buddy Jim Sullivan who helped me along with sage advise and photo support. Tailspin Topics and other similar were used as well. The old kit still shows well. It will be added to the Korean War build. Thanks for taking a look.

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16 responses

  1. Hello Clark, my compliments on a fine Skyraider build. That old Monogram kit builds up nicely and with a bit of TLC and some after-market enhancement you've shown what can be done with it. That bomb load demonstrates why the AD was sometimes referred to as the flying dump truck. It's a fine addition to the Korean War group build.

    • 10-4 Jim! Thank you for the compliment and also the building advice which was most welcome. The kit interior turned out nice as most Monogram cockpits do. If I do another one I would probably upgrade the seat harness. Much obliged and looking forward to seeing more of your builds here.

  2. Well done Skyraider Clark, the GSB look fits this flying dump truck as it was affectionately called among other nicknames. In Korea it was said it could drop everything but the kitchen sink. Well let say it can and did. As one unit did actually strap a kitchen sink under the center hardpoint, VA-195 strapped a sink to a 1000Ib. bomb dropped over Pyongyang. Unlike the toilet bowl special bomb in Vietnam, that's another story. True Details is still around under the Squadron label. And can still get most of the resin through their online store. Good work and thanks for sharing. Semper Fi

  3. Thank you Chuck! I appreciate your comments. I'll check out VA-195 and see if I can find an image. Now that would be a cool build.

  4. Another old Monogram kit shines with some modelling skill. Well done

  5. Nice result out of this old modell, Clarck.
    Well done.

  6. Really nice build, Clark!
    Nice to see old but great Monogram kits brought to life with such great skills!

  7. A magnificent rendition of arguably one of Ed Heinemann's finest creations. Well done Clark you did a great job on this one! I like that offensive load!

  8. The 'Raider looks good in the blue scheme! Nicely done.

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