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Albatros D.V
Lt Wolf, Jasta 5
Wnw 1:32
Tamiya paints
Alclad II metals and printing inks
Prop oils over acrylics
Gaspatch metal turnbuckles ( hence rough cast finish!)
Infini elastic thread for rigging

25 additional images. Click to enlarge.

26 responses

  1. Woooo! That's a beauty! The weathering is perfect! Bullseye, David.

  2. Another instantly-recognizable DL masterpiece! Like Eric said, the finishing touches are brilliant. Love the dirt below, and the oil splatter by the engine. Well done yet again! Note, that rampant lion looks very similar to a Czech crest found on BRNO vz.24s.

  3. Absolutely marvellous,David!
    I keep on looking at those details, the engine oil spills, the rusty exhaust, turning blackish at its end part.
    Spotless head-on view: not many models can stand it, let alone biplanes.
    Well done sir!

  4. Very impressive. I draw the line at building anything with upstairs wings; scares the bejaysus outta me

  5. Glad you've enjoyed it!

  6. That is stunning. I love the livery.

  7. Awesome job, a pleasure to view!

  8. Thanks for the marvelous inspiration. I have the decals and kit to do this in 1/48 - as a result of this it has just jumped further up the "to do" pile.

    As others noted, an instantly-recognizable David Lane masterpiece.

  9. This is a work of art, a feast for the eyes.
    I am using gaspatch metal turnbuckles at the moment, wonder if you have paint them?
    I’m leaning to leave them as they come, but perhaps that is not the proper way...

  10. Dang.

    Letting WnW go out of business is a crime.

  11. Very eyecatching fabulous model.

  12. Fantastic work, David.
    All those details are exceptional.
    Even at the close-up images everything looks perfect.

  13. Wow! That is some build.

  14. Beautiful model, well done! I love the brilliant paint jobs on these very old birds, it's like the pilot announcing to the enemy, "Come and get me if you dare!"

  15. Possibly one of the most attractive colour schemes I ever seen on a WW 1 aircraft. Good detail and painting, wel done!

  16. Great build as always, but you also always seem to find the really cool schemes!

  17. Pretty job, especially with decals. Much appreciated.

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