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Douglas C-47 Skytrain, Royal Hellenic Air Force Korean Detachment (ΕΚ.Σ.Ε.), Airfix, 1/72

Hi everyone!

This is my Royal , s/n 92630, named "ΑΡΗΣ"-"MARS", built through the "" Group Build.

It was at this scheme that "ΑΡΗΣ" took part in the Forgotten War with the Greek Korean Detachment (ΕΚ.Σ.Ε.), seen below "in" an improvised hangar in Korea, undergoing maintenance.

Since you are all more or less familiar with the C-47, I'll skip the intro to the plane and provide a very short story of the Hellenic C-47s in Korea:

The Greek Expeditionary Force (GEF) in Korea (Greek: Εκστρατευτικόν Σώμα Ελλάδος, abbreviated ΕΚΣΕ) was formed in response to the United Nations appeal for assistance in the Korean War.

It comprised a reinforced Hellenic Army infantry battalion and a Royal Hellenic Air Force (RHAF) flight of seven transport planes. Greece was the fifth largest troop contributor to U.N. Forces in Korea.

The seven C-47s of 13th Flight, with 67 Air Force officers and personnel, de-parted from Elefsis air base at 0830 on November 11, 1950.

They belonged to the 355 Transport Squadron, known for its participation in the recent civil war. The majority of the officers and NCOs of this first mission were experienced airmen, being veterans of the Mediterranean and Middle East Thea-tre of World War II and the Greek Civil War.

On December 3, 1950, the first Greek aircraft landed on Korean soil. The Greek flight was immediately attached to the 21st Troop Carrier Sqn. (later re-named 6461 TC Sqn.) of the 374th Wing, United States Air Force, based ini-tially at Daegu.

From May 14, 1951, the flight was based at Kimpo air base where it remained until May 23, 1955.

During its time in Korea, the Greek Flight carried out 2,916 missions, comprising air evacuations, the transport of personnel and prisoners, drops of supplies and ammunition, the replenishment of allied bases and the collection of operational information. In total, its planes carried 70,568 passengers, including 9,243 wounded. It logged 13,777 flight hours. Losses included 12 officers and NCOs and two C-47s.

This is the classic but nice kit, which is an Italeri rebox.

Some details and improvements were scratchbuilt.

Painted with Humbrol enamels.
The excellent decals came from the Afteburner company, sadly no longer in business.

Won't tire you with building details, but, should you wish, please follow my build thread here:

BIG thanks to GB Administrator, our friend Louis Gardner @lgardner, for his GB idea and for his essential support through my build.
Also BIG thanks to all friends who followed along my build with their supportive comments.

Happy modeling!

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  1. This is a real beauty, Spiros. @fiveten
    The metal finish is very good.
    Will for sure read back your thread (sorry I missed it due to lack of free time).
    Thanks for the background on this C47

  2. That’s a fine looking C-47 Spiros. The NMF looks spot on, and it was interesting to me learning a bit about the RHAF contribution in the Korean War, a fact I didn’t knew so far. Thumbs up mate!

  3. Big thank you for sharing the build and history. It was a pleasure to follow the build in the Korean GB. I'm off to hit the star - take care.

  4. Hello Spiros, I like it, fine job

  5. Well done Spiros, and a nice history lesson concerning the Greek participation in The Forgotten War.

  6. It turned out great, Spiros. I’ve enjoyed following this one a lot. The Greek colors really suit a natural metal airplane.

  7. Nice job. Thanks for sharing the history behind it. The Greek colors look really good on the plane.

  8. Really nice Spiros,I have learned more now that I know Greeks fought in Korea.Thanks!

  9. Very tidy build Spiros. The NMF worked really well. I enjoyed the background as well.

  10. Beautiful looking C-47 Spiros. I gather that’s the older Airfix kit and not the recent retool. I had no idea Greece was such a large contributor to the UN forces during the Korean War. Thanks for that piece of history,

  11. Looks great - love the blue insignia and cowl markings against the NMF finish. Well done!

  12. Very nice, Siros. As others have said, the NMF is excellent.

    So, this is the older Airfix kit or the new one released a few years ago?

  13. You made a superb job of this Spiros and an interesting back story, well done . Is this the first finished job in the G.B. ?

  14. Hi Neil @neil-foster!
    It is at least the third finished, the other two ones being Tolga Ulgur's B-26 and George Blair's B-45, both magnificent; and I don't know if I missed another.
    Thanks for liking, my friend!

  15. Spiros, @fiveten
    You have done a magnificent job with your C-47. It was a pleasure to watch it come together, and it looks fantastic, especially the bare metal finish. That is hard to do, and have it look realistic. I learned some things along the way as well, so that's another bonus. I sincerely thank you for contributing to our ever growing Korean War group build.

    Should you have more kits that will fit into our group, please don't hesitate to build as many as you like. 🙂

    Well done my friend... and I pressed the "liked" button too.

    • Tis was a nice modeling journey of a scheme I have always been wanting to build, but lacked the right motivation. As the “Korea : The Forgotten War………..” Group Build started, it built itself naturally!

      Thanks my friend Louis @lgardner for following along and supporting my build.

      It was indeed a splendid experience! I do have quite a few kits that fit into the Group; of course, I will build as many as I can, one coming soon (no, no, I am not going to reveal my 1/48 VMF(N)-513 Flying Nightmares Tigercat in Korea, 1952, oops!).

      Thanks again, my friend, for conceiving this GB and being such a great Admin.

      It's a pleasure for me to participate!

  16. Spiros, you knocked this one out of the park, beautiful model of one of my very favorite flying machines!


  17. Awesome build ,Spiros! Came out great! Love the Greek scheme.The C-47/DC-3 , the granddaddy of the modern airliner.

  18. There are some kits you just don't get tired of and the subject matter has some neat history.
    Thanks for sharing Spiros, I try to learning something new each day and today I learn a little more about Greek history and have better appreciation for the Gooney Bird.

    Two thumbs up.

  19. That's a great result Spiros. It's also great to see a C-47 in a scheme that I've not seen done before.

    Thanks for the historical info too; context is a good thing.

  20. It's beautiful, Spiros.

  21. Lovely model nicely presented Spiros, well done !

  22. All done, Spiros (@fiveten). It was a pleasure following along in the group build. Well done!

    • Thanks George @gblair!
      It was a pleasure for me that you followed my build.
      Thanks for all supportive commenting!
      I will be even happier to see you following my forthcoming 1/48 VMF(N)-513 Flying Nightmares Tigercat, should you of course wish!

  23. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    A very appealing model of the C-47 , looks clean and sharp Spiros.
    Your NMF finish is very well achieved.
    The use of the markings of the RHAF makes it stand alone.

  24. Very nice work as usual Spiros. The natural Aluminium finish came out nice.

    Great that Greece send fighters and planes over after the UN call for help. My dad was training at that time in The NATO Exchanges with the US to become a Fighter pilot.

    There was talk about sending them over to fly and fight in Korea. Probably a good thing that there was opposition to that and that It was halted or I may not have been here!

    That said, my regiment , ParaCdo. Send rotating battalions of para’s over where they fought in the battle of the imjin river.

    I guess that conflict has never ended to this day...

    Thank you for showing.

  25. Hi Spiros. This is an awesome looking C-47. Museum quality as usual. Well done!

  26. Beautiful metal finish my friend. It is a beauty.

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