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Hasegawas '98 1/48 Razorback, Little Chief.

November 6, 2020 · in Aviation · · 35 · 1.9K

Another fall together kit (yes!) On this Jug i got to mostly concentrate on painting, not filling and aligning and sanding and..etc. It's the first time i have really attempted to get tonal variety by adjusting the amount of different colours (whites/greys) added to the main colour as i progressed through layers, 6 in total for the olive drab. Very cool watching it all slowly come together and fairly pleased with the result. Pre and post shading was also used as i gain more confidence in using very thinned colours , 70/30 and 80/20 thinner/paint on post shading so i didn't over do it. Pre shading was kept to a minimum compared to some of my previous efforts.

A pencil was used for some minor chipping/scratches, a full oil wash over two nights was applied...although the umber i used was not to my liking but did fade out a bit with some work and the final clear coat 50/50 matt/gloss knocked it back some more.

The spine antenna i knocked off several times during the build and i didn't have the confidence in it's adhesion to attempt stringing some line unfortunately. The belly tank does have minimal clearance, as you can see in a couple of pics, but i assume the crew may have renamed her 'Ole Sparky' as she roared down a runway looking like an early form of jato tech!

Some of the decals played nicely, some did not..but if you squint they all look great πŸ˜‰

Fun and basic build, i love these older kits, and it is nice to finally add a mighty Jug to the collection. Thanks for looking in all!

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  1. That's a nice looking Thunderbolt, Jimmy.
    Paint job and weathering is outstanding.
    If you thought the 190 was already a big plane for it's time, this P47 is huge compared to the 190.

  2. I love your Thunderbolt, Jimmy!
    The color tonal variation indeed looks very good. In all, weathering looks very realistic.
    It is so noce seeing "older" kits brought to life!
    Well done!

  3. I like the subtle look to the fading on the finish, and I don't think yours is the first jug posted here with the fuel tank gently resting on the ground. I don't know very much about aircraft, but didn't the tail life as these things got up to speed, thereby providing some clearance?

  4. Great results Jimmy. Very effective OD with some great subtle weathering. Lots to look at, but still a very tidy build, liked!

  5. She's a real beauty (though it's kinda hard to call such a brute a "she!"). Love the paint work - all your effort paid off nicely to get the tonal variation. My only question - where are all the scrapes on the bottom of the tank from scraping down the runway?! Love to see that fireworks show!

  6. Can't get enuf of those bad-boys. Yours is special. Wonderful fit and finish. Winner all the way.

  7. Good stuff Jimmy. One of the nicer weathering jobs I've seen. Well done. Good thing about P-47's is that one will have a life time of markings to work through

  8. Nice! With all these Jugs flying about, I just might have to get one, albeit 1/72. Republic sure made a big product.

  9. Great work Jimmy !

  10. Hasegawa's struts for the belly tank are misplaced a bit low is why the drop tank has a problem.

    Nice work on the ol' chestnut.

  11. Nice work, OD can be such a tough color to paint. You did a nice job at varying the color in such a way that is looks faded and worn. It really does look great, one thing I discovered was you can vary your colors more in the raw paint. After a clear and wash with oils, the starkness or harshness will really be subdued. It really does look great!

  12. Great work, Jimmy (@hetstaine). A P-47 is cool in any color. Paint fade and weathering is very nice.

  13. Jimmy, @hetstaine
    One can never have too many T-Bolts... and I like how yours looks here. You should be proud of the paint job, it's spectacular. Well done my friend.

    The P-47 is the very first plane I ever sat in... as a child, there was one at a local museum. It was parked outside, and my Dad would often take me there and place me in the cockpit so I could "play". Now both the plane and my Dad are gone, so I only have these memories. Your Jug brought them back. Thank you VERY much for that.

    This is the actual plane I'm talking about. It was a P-47N from the Puerto Rico ANG. It was flown in to the local airport, and towed to the Museum of Speed. My Dad would open the canopy, and lift me up onto the wing... Then he helped me get into the cockpit... It was HUGE !

    I pressed the "liked" button too. Take care.

    • Great memories to have Louis πŸ™‚ I'm guessing most of our Dads were aviation nuts and we continue to carry the candle for them.

      Many thanks, have a great one and take care yourself also πŸ™‚

  14. Good looking Jug Jimmy, the extra work you did on the paint job really stands out.

  15. Really nice build. We can feel the power of the "beast". Agree with other comments, the paint job is really great and attracts the look of the observer.
    Bravo Jimmy!

  16. Nicely done again, Jimmy (@hetstaine).

  17. I like the way you weathered and faded the OD. That is a step I want to take with my aircraft painting. Very nice, has that "in service" look to it.

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