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DH110 Sea Vixen Target Tug Frog 1/72

This is the kit #F409 of the DH110 FAW.2 and was built as part of de Havilland 100 Years Group Build. Thanks to Erik Gjørup (@airbum) for starting the DH GB as there are some great kits being built. The kit was initially release in 1976, and then reissued by others throughout the years including Novo, Revell and Ark Models. The Sea vixen squeaks in as a DH build as all design and initial production and initial operations occurring all under the DH name before the Hawker-Siddeley merger.

I decided to make things a little colourful and went with aircraft XS587 which was initially built as an FAW.2 and was later converted to a (FAW(TT).2) configuration. I couldn't find many details about the Target Tug conversion so there must be some inaccuracies with going this route apart from the kits inherent issues with the nose cone and tail booms.

I tried some cockpit mods and had primer issues and decal issues but that made it into an interesting build to say the least. The finished kit definitely added some colour to my 72nd scale jet display cabinet.

To follow the build and link on the link:

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  1. I had the utmost pleasure to follow your build, George @georgeswork.
    You took an ancient kit and came up with jewel.
    I love old kits, I even more love to see them built in such excellency, improvements on them included.
    Your chosen scheme is absolutely fantastic!

    • Thanks Spiros!
      Having you guys following made me try a little harder - thanks for the motivation!
      I decided to go with the inlet cover and exhaust plugs, I'm glad I covered them up.

      2 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  2. It was a nailbiting experience to follow your challenging build in the group George - thank you for sharing!

    • Thank you Erik. I am glad I'm not the only one with short finger nails.

      1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  3. Very nice build, George.
    By only looking at the top and bottom taken pictures, it looks like two different builds.
    I also was surprised that it was as big as the Phantom.
    For sure I am going to read your thread.
    You can count me in as well regarding the short finger nails.

  4. Triumph over mediocrity. Some strong work with the plastic and some impressive painting and decaling George.

  5. Lovely Sea Vixen George, well done, nicely plugged !

  6. Great finish to this, at times, difficult build, a real headliner. Definitely liked.

  7. You definitely overcame that old clunk and beat it into submission. A triumph of skill and talent over plastic. I really like the result, particularly the different scheme.

  8. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    Visually striking build George.

  9. Well done! That is one colorful Vixen, and to make that out of a Frog kit is an accomplishment (I know - I'm working on one now...!).

  10. Well done George and quite colorful to boot.

  11. Super job on an old kit, fantastic color scheme!

  12. Amazing work, I have seen a few of this FROG Sea Vixens built in the past few years and your build really shines! Great job on building it and the finish for this scheme.

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