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Higher and higher

Interwar aviation wasn't just biplanes and silver wings. A lot of valuable research took place under the guise of competition. Aviation was new; it was a prestige activity and the boost to national morale and pride of an aviation success [...]

Fairey FD2 from FROG

This is ancient Frog 1/72 Fairey FD 2. I believe this pop of the kit is older than me! And I’m old! A friend running a vendor table at a local contest added this in for free to the Academy Corsair I was buying from him. A very simple [...]

Hellcat F6F-5 1/48 Hobbyboss

A few years ago I was at a local club day admiring the work done by my fellow modelers and mooching through the boxes under the tables of models for sale (always the best bit of the day for me) when I came across the Hobbyboss Hellcat, I [...]

Two Old 1/72 Model Kits of the Grumman Wildcats (Revell and Frog)

A couple of months ago I started work on these two kits, Revell's and Frog's F4F-4 Wildcats. I wanted to build them together like the way I did with my Bearcats back in March and enjoy the whole process. My original game plan was to build [...]

Maquette 1/72 Boeing C-75

The Boeing C-75 was a modified Boeing 307 long-range transport aircraft, introduced to military service in February 1942 and used by the USAAF's Air Transport Command until July 1944. The famous 307 Stratoliner, from which the C-75 [...]

1/72 A-6 IntruderFrog kit F272

When I started this Frog Yellow Series F272 kit, it must have been back in the mid ‘80s and this Frog/Hasegawa mold may have been the only A-6 Intruder tooling in 1/72 at that time. Cockpit….what cockpit? There isn’t even a [...]

1/72 Hawker Sea Fury FB 11Frog F221F

Scalemates shows this F221F bagged kit was released in 1969, with the original Frog mold from 1963 - before I was born - now that's OLD! I remember reading the the Sea fury was originally ordered as a simplified Hawker Tempest Mk II, they [...]

Two Old 1/72 Bearcats Model Kits (Frog and Monogram)

Here are two kits that I've been wanting to build together for a long time. Years ago, I build the Monogram Bearcat just a few years after it was released and a few years after Frog released their Bearcat, but this was a hard one to catch [...]

Serving Under Another Flag GB: Red Star 1/72 Captured MiG-3 in Romanian Colors

Red Star was a small model company in England that used four molds that were made by Frog around 1976. That year Frog folded and was not able to release their newer kits. While most of their molds went to Novo and Matchbox/Revell, the [...]

Classic Kit: FROG 1/72 Ta-152H Tweaked

I first heard about the Ta-152 in the popular magazine "1001 Modeling Ideas" around 1972 in an article on how to build one using parts from various Lindberg kits. The article showed by using the Lindberg FW190D how to begin. The [...]