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Last 2020 Project: Hawker Hurricane Mk II b 1/72 ARMA Hobby

My last completed build of 2020 (finished on 12/31).

I can’t say enough about ARMA kits in general and this one in particular. Meticulous detail–better than some larger scale kits by other brands. High quality plastic, comparable to Tamiya and Eduard; fine panel lines, near perfect fit, very thin canopy parts. Plenty of extras–PE, open and closed canopies, painting masks, decals and color plates for 7 liveries (I chose Mk. IIb trop, 274 Squadron Egypt & Libya, November 1942), wings and armaments for both B and C models, online resources: documentary video, camouflage pattern template.

This was an enjoyable project with a great subject–the underappreciated Hawker Hurricane (an unsung hero of BoB). I built the B version sporting 12 wing-mounted 30 calibers. I painted the exterior with AK Interactive paint, RAF colors.

23 additional images. Click to enlarge.

10 responses to Last 2020 Project: Hawker Hurricane Mk II b 1/72 ARMA Hobby

  1. The Arma Hurricanes are great, and you have really created a stunner here.

    “Liked” (a lot)

  2. Good things come in small packages. Dennis your build brings out the best in the kit and captures the look and feel (character) of the Hurri.
    Two thumbs up.

  3. What a realistic looking model !
    Amazing work Dennis.

  4. Excellent Hurricane, Dennis!
    1/72 scale becomes more and more interesting!
    Happy New Year!

  5. Another great job, Dennis. Sounds like more ARMA Hurricanes will be on the docket.

  6. Great build, Dennis.
    So much details on 1/72 is hard to believe.
    Those desert scheme look really great on a Hurricane.

  7. Sharp paint job, Dennis. Your attention to all those crisp details really makes your build transcend the scale. Can’t wait to see what ARMA does with the Hurricane in 1/48.

  8. Thought that it was of larger scale, great job!

  9. I’ve seen a couple of these Arma Hobby kits built, and I’m going to have to get one (or more…)! That’s a great-looking Hurricane – well done.

  10. Great job on the build, this Arma kit finally makes a pretty decent looking Hurricane in 1/72. Your finish is spot on, beautiful work.

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