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My 2020 builds…

January 1, 2021 · in Photo Collections · · 8 · 1.7K

2020 was an odd one for me. After 33 years, my airline job succumbed to the virus and I decided to retire rather than wait it out or take a furlough / layoff and risk losing my benefits. I second guessed that decision for quite a while, but in the end it turned out to be the right one and all is well. It did give me some time to actually do quite a bit of modeling this year, both plastic and RC.

For Louis Gardner's Korean War build I did three models - a F-82G night fighter in 1/72, a Monongram F9F-5 Panther, and an old Hawk F2H Banshee, the latter two in 1/48. Louis also inspired a 1/48 Ki-84 Hayate for the Japan group build. I then went rogue and did the 1/48 IAR-80 just because I liked the airplane.

On the RC side, I was able to get into the beta build for the brand new Legend Hobby 86 inch A-1 Skyraider early in the year, which then led to the one pictured once the production kits came out. A good friend built the model, and then asked me to find a neat subject and do the paint and markings. The result is here, and the distributor liked it so much that he's using the model as the box artwork for that version of the airplane. I built two 86 inch Zeros, both of which are flying, and a 72 inch Beech Staggerwing, which will be flying soon.

The next to last pic is a teaser for what's coming, and there's other stuff in the works as well. The car is my first "build" of 2021, a Lego Technics ZR-1 Corvette, finished early this morning. While that might bring a chuckle to some, putting those nearly 600 pieces together was a blast, and the engineering in this thing is amazing to see and watch in action. Doing the car was just way too much fun and almost zero stress, which was just what I needed to start the new year!

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  1. The XF-11 looks very interesting. And of course the other completed models are super. I almost thought the Staggerwing was real.

  2. I love the mix of rc/lego/plastic, especially the GSB Navy birds.. I agree with Tom though, I'd love to see the XF-11 finished, and indeed moreover, I bet that Staggerwing looks fantastic in the air! All combustion powered I imagine? I've led myself into casual RC flying this year. I've picked up two 1.2m brushless BNF planes this year, as an inspiration to build a Sweet Stick that I inherited from my G'pa. If you're gonna spend money on toy planes, why not build/buy a few that actually fly?! Congrats on the retirement too, I hope the timing was truly right. All the same, Happy New Year Jaime!

    • What a productive modeling year, Jaime! Looks like retirement decision was the best decision for the given circumstances.
      Your models are amazing and I so much like the rc and Lego stuff!
      Congratulations, my friend!
      Have a healthy, happy and productive 2021!

  3. A very nice collection, Jaime.
    Seems like decision to retire had a positive effect on your modelling.

  4. Nice looking models. Love the Frank

  5. Jaime, @jetmex
    Looks like you have had a good year, and I like everything you posted here. Happy New Year buddy.

  6. What a great way to kick off retirement!

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