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AMtech/Tamiya 1/48 FW-Ta183A Huckebein

February 18, 2021 · in Aviation · · 19 · 2.2K

Pulled this little gem out of the stash and finally finished her. Started in 1942 as Project VI under the direction of engineer Has Multhopp she however would never fly. Designed with a 40 degree mid-mounted sweep wing, 60 degree vertical stab with a T-tail, this concept would be setting new tends in aviation design. The cockpit would be pressurized with a bubble canopy and was designed to be armed with four 30MM cannons. She could also carry a bomb load of 500 kg, and with pylons it was envisioned to also be armed with four Ruhestahl X-4 wire guided missiles. That would be interesting as the pilot would be required to fly both the aircraft as well as the missile to the target. Furthermore, the liquid propellant used on the X-4 was very volatile. Eighteen prototypes were build and she was scheduled to make her first flight in May, 1945, but the British Army captured the FW plant in April bringing her development to an end. However, if you ever seen a Mig-15, Saab 29 Tunnan, or a 1Ae Pulqui II some aviation engineers certainly looked at the Ta-183A plans.

This little package was put together by where they re-boxed the AMtech kit and included their 1/48 scale Kettenkraftrad vehicle. The fit on the A/C was exceptional and at times felt like a snap tight kit. I used no putty on this model and other than adding some belts and replacing the Nav lights it was build OOB. Paints were Tamiya acrylics and I used modeler license on the camo design. The pilot is from the 1/48 scale ME-262 kit, and I felt he was needed versus using their pilot figure sitting in the cockpit. Fun kit, no real issues and if any iModelers would like to build one using another version I have extra decals for you.

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  1. Beautiful job! one of my favorite jets πŸ™‚

  2. Really nice work on and interesting little subject. I would add the F-86 Sabre to your list of partially inspired aircraft to your list. More conventional maybe but still many similarities.

  3. Once again the Bebout factory has turned out yet another spectacular build. This plane looks fantastic with the setting you have provided for it. Well done my friend.

    I enjoyed reading the history behind the aircraft as well.

  4. Thumbs all the way around.
    That's a great kit, having built the AmTech boxing myself. Never seen that decal sheet. Where did you get it?

  5. nicely done - cool-looking aircraft.

  6. Tom, as fancy as those β€œwhat-if?” Decal options may be, the livery you chose for your Huckebein is much more believable, and to me, a lot more interesting representation. Thumbs up, I like the diorama and that Hauptmann pilot looks cool

  7. Beautiful work Tom. I like it a lot. This kit has given modelers a lot of fun ever since Alan brought it out in 2001.

    While the Russians did their jet development based on Focke-Wulf ideas, the way the US did theirs on Messerschmitt ideas (the vagaries of German occupation giving the Russians control of the F-W factories while the US got Messerschmitt in Bavaria) the Ta-183 only provided information on how to set the horizontal stab back far enough while keeping the jet exhaust short enough to avoid thrust loss. Discovered this while researching MiG Alley. The Ta-183 did kinda/sorta fly as the Pulqui Arrow II in Argentina, where the design's lack of stability became very apparent.

  8. Congratulations, Tom!
    This is a wonderful build and a really fine presentation!

  9. Great work, Tom - presentation is fantastic. Love it!

  10. Great looking build Tom, excellent work.
    Scary to think the Ta-183 was so close to participating in WWII

  11. Lots of compliments on this unusual subject, Tom.
    That diorama makes it a perfect combination.
    Love this build.

  12. Nice neat looking aircraft Tom. I've always loved and dreamed of getting this kit since it was released by AMTech

  13. Beautifully done!

  14. πŸ™‚ ... Greetings ... πŸ™‚ :
    Nice clean and sharp work Tom.
    Good work on the scheme.

  15. Really neat job on this, and the setting and landscape really add to the effect, definitely liked. The aircraft is still listed by Tamiya, although without the kettenkrad.

  16. I'll echo the comments above, and add that the figures are well done also!

  17. Great job on a really interesting aircraft! @tom-bebout

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