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Felix History, post WW2 VF-31 aircraft.

April 21, 2021 · in Aviation · · 25 · 2.7K

Fighting 31 Tomcatters is now the second oldest U S Navy squadron. It began in the 1930's as VB-1 flying Boeing F4Bs, Re-designated as VF-3 they flew F3F's ,F2A's, F4F's, during WW2 flying Hellcats two different squadrons claimed Felix as their mascot it being solved by the deactivation of one of them at he end of the war. Soon after they were designated VF-31 flying F8F Bearcats, F9F-2 Panthers in Korea, F2H-3 Banshees, F3H Demons, F-4B and F-4J Phantoms, F-14 Tomcats and finally F/A-18Es.

I was a plane captain with VF-31 in the seventies when they flew F-4Js on board Saratoga.

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  1. Nice collection Robert, great aviation history as well.

  2. Lovely set Robert, well done, like the last pic'

  3. This is another fabulous posting... Thanks for sharing these with us.

  4. Very cool collection!

  5. You missed the F4U-4s between the F8Fs and the F9Fs, when they were aboard Leyte for the Chosin Campaign in 1950. (Corsairs were where the Hudner-Brown saga happened)

    Nice collection. Get the one more and you have them all.

  6. Great work, Robert! I always liked that scheme, especially on the Phantoms.

  7. Excellent collection Robert, you don't see too many Banshees and Demons.
    All winners - but the F-4B the fav in my books.

  8. Sharp looking collection Robert.

  9. Amazing collection, Robert! Bet there were a lot of memories involved...

  10. Nice collection and work Robert ! I’m partial to the Korea era planes. Ode to props and jets.

  11. It's a very nice collection. I might copy your idea for a favorite squadron, too.

  12. Awesome collection Robert. I'm trying to amass decals for the Pukin' Dogs

  13. Great collection and the history behind it...and you were part of it too! ?.

  14. Fantastic gathering of beauties, Robert.
    Each of them looks great.

  15. Amazing collection, Robert!

  16. Fantastic collection, Robert, and great display, definitely liked.

  17. Thumbs up all the way around! ?

  18. That's a great tribute to Felix and the gang! Well done.

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