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1/72 Aircraft

March 10, 2021 · in Aviation · · 18 · 2.4K

Hello again, second article here, aircraft. Please click my name for a short bio if you wanna know me a little better, and if you haven't already. I tried to go somewhat alphabetical. All 1/72 unless otherwise noted:

Airfix P-51B:
Airfix Dr-1
Cessna 172, yes a 1/72 172, built with my older Son.
B6N2 Jill
Hasegawa F-104, old tool
Hasegawa Ki-61
Ryan NYP
Lindberg Me-163
Monogram Snaptite B-25
Monogram Snaptite B-26
Monogram Snaptite F-18, built with No.1 Son
Monogram Snaptite F-117, built with No.2 Son
Revell 1/64 X-15
Tamiya X-1
Finally (forget the scale at the moment) AMT Hindenburg, one of my childhood survivors.

Gheez almost forgot, Hasegawa (old tool) P-51D finished by No.1 Son.

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  1. Wow, a very nice collection, John
    And some uncommon builds as well.
    Personally I like the "Spirit of St. Louis" a lot.
    Great that the Hindenburg survived it looks fanatastic.
    Wish I still had some of my childhood builds, but unforunately none survived.

    • Maybe a fun thing to do would be to get some of those kits you'd built and do them again. I built a Lindberg 1/48 Stuka as a kid and I can still remember building it and how much fun it was to attach the separate aileron parts and the swinging bomb rack so it's back in the stash again.
      I think I was about 16 when I did the Hindenburg, 60 now.
      Thanks John.

  2. What a wonderful collection, John @krukowskijohn!
    Love everything, also the fact that some are standing on their wheels, while others are base mounted.
    Well done!

    • A couple of these need their stands as they didn't come with any wheels! Saves space in the small cabinet they're in too, as you can park others somewhat beneath them. There's a link with the Airfix P-51B, the only official internet article I've ever submitted, with much help from our own Rick Reinbott. In it there's more photos and some WIP pictures. This one was a rescue so I didn't actually build it but it seems to be a good little kit.
      Thanks Spiros.

  3. John, I started back into this hobby building 1/72 scale A/C. Mostly because they don't take up as much shelf space and the quality and detail of the kits is much improved from my younger days. And then there's armor for variety. Your completed works look exceptional. I haven't learned how to string antenna wire yet so none of my aircrews can radio home!

    • Well if you look close enough I haven't learned either! I really like your work and your articles are entertaining too, you made me chuckle a few times. Funny because it's true. I vowed to myself with the Fokker Dr-1 never to attempt rigging in 1/72 or I'd never build any more 1/72 WWI aeroplanes. Besides, I keep them forever so there's dustings to consider. Once I finish something I like it to stay done.

      That reminds me of something you wrote, about not using too much glue. I use way too much. I build with tube glue then go over it with liquid cement to fuse things together. My work might be crude but it's tough. I hate revisiting anything I've done and that includes real life.

      Thanks David, and I'm looking forward to seeing whatever you do next.

  4. All of them look great. Nice collection.

  5. Since I only build 1/72, I really like your collection! I love tackling some of those older kits and trying to polish them up a bit! Nicely done.

    • I'm actually hoping some of my Aeromaster paints hold up long enough to use on upcoming Lindberg kits. These two here were painted with Aeromaster and I'd love for the newer builds to match. They brush so well.
      The older kits are fun, just leave the penlight in your pocket and enjoy.
      Thanks Greg.

  6. A great collection! Nice job on the snaptites.

    • They’re really not bad kits once you look past the snaptite thing. The shapes are good, only bad feature is they only come with stickers so you have to find decals for them, unlike Pegasus who were kind enough to supply both. For the B-25 I was able to piece together some Doolittle markings from the spares box.
      Thanks Robert, always enjoy seeing your work.

  7. Interesting collection there, John, definitely liked.

  8. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    A very decent looking collection John.
    All seem to be respectable and a nice show of your modeling skills.
    Expect too see more of your work, thank you for sharing with us these images of your exhibition.

  9. Nice group of airplanes ! I like seeing older kits on imodeler, they look great.

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