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Frog 1/72 Bf 109 F trop

June 22, 2021 · in Aviation · · 19 · 2.4K

This was an old bagged kit. I sanded it smooth and scribbed new panel lines and a few rivet lines. There were actually no nose gun troughs, so I had to drill and ream those out.

Used some Albion Alloy aluminum tubing for gun barrels, and made a scribing template out of sheet styrene to etch the panel line around them.

Drilled the exhausts. Sanded off the nose intakes (looked like G model intakes), and added the intake and vent on the starboard side of the nose.

Drilled the usual handling hole at the real of the fuselage. Did just a bit of work in the cockpit (rear deck, IP) to make it a tad more realistic.

I opened the rear of the chin intake and created the intake door from styrene, as well as added some copper mesh to the front of the intake (though it ended up positioned too far forward). Created the wing-tip lights out of clear sprue.

I also create the tropical filter intake cover out of a section of sprue and added the cover supports with wire. The aerial mast was from the spares box - kit part was broken. I also added the nose cannon with some drilled styrene rod.

Added resin aileron balance weights, and the pitot using two sizes of Albian Alloy aluminum.

Used decals from an old set of Eagle Strike decals I had in the stash called Augsburg Flyers 109 F. I also (as usual) added a pilot.

As you probably know by now, I like polishing up these old kits with a little elbow grease and TLC!

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  1. REALLY amazing...In that scale, considering what you had to start with. Great job, Greg!

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    Lis said on June 22, 2021

    I like old kits in new design!

  3. This is your usual SPECTACULAR job, Greg!
    What a departure from the original Frog!

  4. Awesome result, Greg.
    Hard to believe this is a 1/72 scale.
    Love all the details you added, wingtip lights are fantastic.

  5. The old sow's ear to silk purse. Well Done!

  6. Wow! That's a great result @gkittinger! Love that idea for re-scribing the gun troughs! Clever man! 🙂

  7. very nice , extra detail work

  8. Fantastic work on this old kit @gkittinger, kits in bags - lots of memories, definitely liked.

  9. I didn't just hit the 'like' button - I punched it!
    Great work with this old kit Greg.

  10. 我喜歡你添加的細節,真的太厲害了

  11. Nice job on that oldie, Greg. I forgot Frog made that one.

  12. You brought this old kit to life, looks great!

  13. Very impressive work Greg. Great to see those old school kits being built.

  14. And another great 109 Greg @gkittinger! You did a superb job on it which does look not so easy on this scale. EXCELLENT!

  15. Well done, Greg! Looks like you turned that old kit into a gem.

  16. Wow, amazing how you bring these old moulds back to life

  17. Great to see this Frog kit bought to life Greg!

  18. Excellent build and paint job.

  19. Excellent job on your build, I love these old Frog kits!

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