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Classic Kit: Airfix Do217 (1960)

July 13, 2021 · in Aviation · · 26 · 2.4K

This is the Do217 first issued in 1960. It came packaged in a small box and molded in light blue plastic. The model is built as the instructions indicated without alterations and painted with the paints recommended by Airfix. The hardest part was masking the nose which I did one frame at a time.

The landing gear is missing support structs and should be added. I sanded all surface detail and did some minor scribing. The kit decals went on beautifully. So here she is built just as Airfix indicated in the instructions.

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  1. G'day David (@thevid),
    A very nice build.
    I can remember building this kit back in the '70s, although I later turned min into a Hs 293 carrier, thanks to a missile donated by the Airfix He 177.

  2. Very well made & finished, David!

  3. Brings back memories. I remember when I first discovered Airfix kits at my Hobby Shop. I was in model heaven! I must have built 5 of these. After they got partially broken from playing with them they ended up as BB gun targets or in a demolition session with a M-80. Mine never looked this good.

  4. Beautiful assembly and surface finish, David. This kit never had out-of-the-box seams that look as neat as yours. Taking the time and effort on those canopy and nose frames also makes the moldings look better than they have any right to. If it matters, the landing gear more or less swung straight down and locked perpendicular to the wing/engine plane rather than sloping forward.

  5. Very nice! Those old kits still finish up nice with a little TLC.

  6. Great job on the Canopy, I love the well designed flying display stands of the older models, spiffy work on it!

  7. Great achievement, David.
    Those stands bring back memories.

  8. Nice job!

    It's really good to see these old kits still being built. I think a lot of us who are older are wanting more to get back to having fun with the hobby rather than spend a lot of time on a super kit with a zillion parts. Keep up the good work!

    I probably still have a few of those stands in the spares box...

    • You are absolutely right on that count. Us old modelers love seeing kits from our youth built up just like in the catalogs. They are simple and lots of fun to build. Thank you.

  9. Great job on that kit! Liked.

  10. Nicely done and with the classic stand!

  11. Nice work, David! There was a time when that kit and and even more ancient Airfix Lancaster were the centerpieces of my boyhood collection!

  12. Thank you all for you generous comments and likes. I am very glad that modelers like seeing these kits built up.

  13. Well done, David. I have a bunch of the old Airfix kits in the stash, and the biggest thing stopping me from building them is the chore of masking the canopies. You obviously have the patience to mask things well, because the canopies look perfect.

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