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Airfix 1/72 A-4P Skyhawk, Argentina

August 20, 2021 · in Aviation · · 25 · 3.3K

This is my entry into the Falkland's War group build - the new-tool . Built OOB except for the replacement of the spine aerial and the addition of fin loop aerials to convert from a B to a P, and the addition of a TER to handle the bomb, per references.

This was my first build of a new-tool Airfix kit. The plastic was softer than I'm used to, and it seemed their sprue gate positions were somewhat awkward - I had to be careful not to overdo it when cleaning them up.

AK Real Colors paint for the camo, and Tamiya for the yellow. The yellow ID markings were eventually overpainted with a darker brown during the war, and I vacillated a bit to decide which way to go (or leave them off altogether), but finally decided the yellow would make a more interesting model.

This was my first use of Liquitex acrylic inks for some of the weathering - mostly the fuel stains and bottoms of the fuel tanks, some of the streaking, and some overall grunge on the underside. Jury is still out on the streaking aspect - I think I have more control (in ) with AK pencils or even pastels for some of the smaller streaks and leaks I attempt.

Mig panel washes - a grey for the underside and brown for top - was used to accentuate the panel lines. In the yellow areas I used a much lighter shade of brown.

I drilled the gun barrels. The spine aerial was sheet styrene cut to shape. The loops on the fin were from a loop aerial in the spares box cut in two. In hindsight, I should have drilled a small placement hole through the fin to line them up identically. I didn't realize I was going to add the loops until I had already painted the model, so eyeballed them and used Gator Grip glue. The only dimension I missed on was front/back - if you look straight down over fin it's obvious. Oh well.

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  1. Nice job, Greg. The paint and weathering look great.

  2. Excellent work, Greg. and your signature stand.

  3. Precious model Greg. Congratulations!

  4. WOW, WOW and WOW. Your A-4 is a stunner Greg. I love the camo on these Argentine A-4's. You definitely delivered an authentic looking A-4 in Argentine service. Well done.

  5. Absolutely wonderful job, Greg!
    Great mods, too!

  6. Greg, @gkittinger
    Your "Scooter" looks great wearing these colors. I definitely pressed the "liked" button.

  7. Very well done! Liked it.

  8. She's a beauty Greg. Great photography too.

  9. Very nice, Greg!

  10. No problem pressing the "Like" button for this! I'd rank this model in your top ten, Greg. A really superb rendition of an Argentine A-4, and an inspiration for the 1/48 kit I have for a similar project.

  11. Beautiful work, really stunning camouflage and finish details. Outstanding work Greg!

  12. What a wonderful Skyhawk, Greg @gkittinger
    Like others, I do too like the painting and weathering a lot.
    Really awesome that you achieved this level of modelling on a 1/72 kit.

  13. Great job, Greg. The paint and weathering looks great.

  14. Well done, Greg!

  15. Nice job on a plane that is really small in 1/72, Greg (@gkittinger). It looks like Airfix did a good job with this kit. I did my master's thesis on the Falkland War, so I have always had a soft spot for the planes that were there.

  16. Lots of good flying models here!

  17. My Goodness, that Scooter is definitely is a 'looker' Greg.
    'Like' button definitely punched!

  18. The Skyhawk is one of my favourite jets, definitely liked.

  19. Yet another 1/72nd scale masterpiece from the Kittinger workshop. You have really done a fine job on the weathered camo, Greg. I think you made the best choice on the yellow panels. They look very eye-catching next to the brown and green camouflage and were, of course, historically important to how the planes were ID'd in the war, even if it varied exactly when. I thoroughly enjoy the flying poses of your subjects. It gives them a dynamic look and, with the pilot seated, reminds the viewer of the human element of the mission. Thanks for your contribution to the Falklands/Malvinas Group Build. I hope to have my own Skyhawk and Super Etendard done soon on 1/48. You've given me fresh inspiration.

  20. I agree, Greg...this is one of your best. Fabulous preshading results on this Falkland's Scooter.

  21. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    Elegant work and painting on this model Greg.
    The weathering is so well applied and not heavy, nice work overall .

  22. Can't add much more than what has been said Greg, but I see you have mastered you airbrush as the camo scheme looks excellent. The weathering is very well done also. Always loved your flying displays. Photography as well. The Skyhawk has always been a very appealing model. With so many operators using them. Like the F-4, you can build quite a few and not one would be alike. Which includes the USN Gull Grey schemes with a slew of colorful markings. Excellent.

  23. Greg, Looks great, I really like the very attractive paint scheme !

  24. Really nicely done Greg, very nice painting.

  25. Great job. Just wonderful.

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