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1/35 M3 Stuart.

September 27, 2021 · in Armor · · 31 Comments

After banging out 20 airplane kits in a row, along with 3 in progress since COVID started, my mojo has waned a bit. For a little change of pace, I pulled this 1974 Stuart kit from the stash and had some fun. I purchased a Star Decals sheet featuring US armor at Kassereine Pass and selected a subject. The tank I picked featured the large jettisonable fuel drums on the deck, but the Tamiya kit doesn’t include them. A little plastic tube, sheet, and Tamiya tape fixed that. All paints are Humbrol enamels. Excuse my figure painting. This guy didn’t turn out quite as handsome as his Welsh cousin crewing the Cromwell that I built a few years ago. Model on!

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31 responses

  1. Now, that is so cool @j-healy! I absolutely love those fuel drums; great looking scratched parts. What a neat lil' tank! 🙂

  2. Nice Target, it turned out nicely, and the auxillary fuel tanks make it extra tempting to strafe. I like the finish and weathering on it, nice color and finish.

    • Thanks, Walt. The painting is a little change of pace from planes.

    • Target, eh? Seems to me a company or battalion or something of Stuarts overran a Nazi Airfield in Tunisia early on and ran around knocking the tails off Stukas! Revenge!
      Nice model and scratching, John. Your figure looks fine but that triangle cupola looks like an awful tight fit.

  3. Nothing wrong with "20 airplanes in a row!" Very nice tank there - it is difficult to imagine the size of those Stuart's correctly without a guy hanging out of the top - makes it look like an RC vehicle almost!

    • Thanks, Greg. I actually saw a large scale R/C metal Stuart at a hobby show once. It was really interesting seeing it in combat with with a Panther in a large sand pit.

  4. Great job, John!
    Painting and weathering are excellent, as are the scratch built tanks.
    I find the figure very good, as well.
    Well done!

  5. Superb build and scratching! Check out the book War Without Hate by Bierman & Smith for a good read on British use of Lend Lease Honeys in North Africa.

  6. Great modeling! Liked!

  7. Absolutely amazing work, John @j-healy
    Detailing and weathering is superb, and no bad words about that guy.
    To me you did great work to get that guy painted.
    Aren't those fueldrums vulnerable targets on the back of that tank?

  8. Great work on this. Thanks for the figure, so one can see just how small the M3 was.

  9. Awesome armor, John (@j-healy). We are going down parallel paths...99% of everything I build is a plane, but I just got a Panzer III to build for the fun of it. You are the pathfinder!

  10. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    Nice work on the Stuart tank John.
    Not much seen, good work on the weathering.
    The model seems fit for a diorama, will the model have a role in one ?

  11. Nice work, everything looks great on this tank. I really like the paint job plus weathering.

  12. I’ve bit of armour, set of nicely by the figure, definitely liked.

  13. Man, it really looks small. Great job!

  14. All around great work John.

  15. Very nice Stuart, John. The dusty mud-splashed weathering looks just right. It's good to have this much popular response on an armor posting. I hope you are bringing out our quiet armor enthusiasts with your project.

    • Thanks, Colin! I actually dug around in the stash a bit and found a few more interesting armor/soft skin subjects. Not many, but cool ones that I hope to build occasionally.

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