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Revell 1/144 Junkers G.38

September 9, 2021 · in Aviation · · 58 · 4.1K
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Hi everyone!

This is my , finished wearing its last scheme.

It was a large German four-engine transport aircraft which first flew in 1929. Two examples were constructed in Germany. Both aircraft flew as a commercial transport within Europe in the years leading up to World War II.

It carried a crew of seven, with onboard mechanics being able to service the engines in flight, due to the G.38's blended wing design, which provided access to all four power plants.

During its early life, it was the largest land plane in the world. Passenger accommodation was sumptuous by today's standards and was meant to rival that found on the competing Zeppelin service offered by the "German Airship Travel Corporation" (DELAG).

The plane was unique in that passengers were seated in the wings, which were as thick as 5 ft. 7 in at the root. There were also two seats in the extreme nose. There were three 11-seater cabins, plus smoking cabins and wash rooms.

The second G.38, named General Feldmarschall von Hindenburg, was built with a double deck fuselage and capacity for 34 passengers and was initially used on a scheduled service covering the cities Berlin, Hanover, Amsterdam, and London.

With the outbreak of World War II it was pressed into military service as a transport craft by the Luftwaffe. It was initially left in aluminum color, later painted in the typical splinter camo. It was destroyed on the ground during an RAF air raid on Athens on 17 May 1944.

Interestingly, during the 1930s, the design was licensed to Mitsubishi, which constructed and flew a total of 6 aircraft, in a military bomber/transport configuration, designated Ki-20.

With only two planes built, It is hard to believe that Revell took the industrial risk of producing such a kit, let alone a very good one of this nevertheless iconic plane (yes! thank you Revell!).

Despite being 1/144, detail level is wonderful, corrugated surfaces are beautifully represented, the only "letdown" being the (in my case) very old and stiff decals that were very stubborn in following those corrugations. Revell has reissued this kit in 2006, with improved decals - but the best option for the potential builder might be to paint the insignia...).

This model will be a part of the "" build idea, suggested by Paul Barber @yellow10, with the first entry made by Gary Sausmikat @gwskat. More to come soon!

Should you wish to read the specific model's full build review, please visit my beloved Modelingmadness:

Below there are some in-progress pics.

Happy modeling!

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  1. Gigantor (if anyone remembers the 60's cartoon) even in 144th scale it's huge. Impressive in working with the corrugated skin. The decals seem to have wiggled nicely in between the ribbing. The weathering looks good. Incredible machines the Germans had before the war. Great job on this beauty Spiros, one rare bird, and the only I know to date I have seen built. Well done

  2. An incredible build, Spiros @fiveten
    To be honest, I was not aware of the existence of this aircraft.
    Not in real and not as a model.
    I will definitely do some reading about this aircraft, especially because the way you presented it and described it.
    Your build is beautiful as always, especially the weathering. The decals do look nice as well from the pictures.
    Well done.

  3. I guess 1/144 is the best scale for this monster, just imagine it in 1/72 or even 1/48... It must have been a unique experience flying in one. As always, you've made a great job of this Revell kit, thanks for sharing with us. Definitely liked.

  4. Nice job on this interesting subject, Spiros!

  5. Very nice Model and build Spiros and An amazing piece of aircraft history. I had the kit in my stash but sadly sold it as the stash just got too big !
    The build pictures are great and thanks for sharing them. Studying them will help in another corrugated sheet aircraft by same manufacturer. The JU-52. That one I kept !

  6. This is awesome, Spiros (@fiveten). Even in 1/144 it has to be huge. Well done.

  7. Well done Spiros, like several others I was not aware that such an A/C existed until your build. Some rather interesting engineering features were incorporated in her design, which made her really unique. Can you imagine looking up and seeing her fly over? What a sight.

  8. Very nice build @fiveten, I have not seen this one before a very interesting aircraft and good build. That must have been incredible to see in the air or even more to ride in. Nice work on what looks like a fun and intersting build.

  9. Very cool Spiros. Love these oddball airplanes and you've done a wonderful job on it!

  10. Excellent build and write up Spiros, and nice to see your MM post also.
    That’s one beast of an aircraft, first realized it’s existence while watching the movie - ‘The Wind Rises’ and had to look it up.

  11. Now that is one I had never seen before today! Looks fantastic. What's with the windows above the engines? That seems odd. What an interesting aircraft.

  12. Really superb work, @fiveten. I only know one other guy who did this kit (in the civil version) and as good as he was with it, this is really a standout.


  13. The seats looking forward out of the wing roots would undoubtedlyhave spectacular views but I'd hope they had some serious sound insulation otherwise the occupants would be bombarded with the noise from the droning engine! (Thanks for including the cutaway drawing well!)

  14. Hi Spiros,
    I never heard about this plane and spent some time digging on the internet to know more about it. Fascinating! Yoooo I would book the front cabin 😀
    Really nice build and certainly very complicated due to the corrugated fuselage. I think Junkers got a special deal from the manufacturer 😉 I dream to build a Junkers 52 but I am afraid by this kind of fuselage. So, you did it and I am impressed, bravo!

  15. Awesome looking aircraft. Such great detail on a 1/144.

  16. A great job on an unusual build!

  17. Seriously good Spiros.

  18. A great post and story and a beautiful model, Spiros! I thoroughly enjoyed the backgrounder on the type and the period drawings with cutaways. I didn't know you worked in 1/144th scale. Although a large aircraft, some of the parts on this build must have been super thin and fragile. You have done an excellent job on the assembly and, of course great painting, weathering and decaling work. Thanks for posting this, including build pics. It's the kind of project that really makes you appreciate how much modeling can teach as well as entertain.

    • Thanks my friend @coling!

      This is such an interesting machine: I kept on joyfully reading its many outstanding (for the time) features!

      1/144 is not my usually tackled scale (started as a kid, typically, with 1/72, the moved to the more "serious" 1/48, then to the "dream" 1/32 scale...).

      Lately (the last 15 years or so) I find myself not very reluctant in tackling various scales and, slowly, various subjects (ships, sci-fi and figures to come?).

      The good thing when expanding my modeling envelope, by tackling "new" things, is that I feel relaxed as to have an excuse for not producing a quality model 🙂

  19. Interesting beast Spiros, nicely done and well presented.

  20. Cool build. I’ve never heard of this plane before. Looks like something from a 1920s science fiction movie.

  21. Awesome build and thanks for the history lesson too! If only they put seats in the wing root of an A380 these days...

  22. Fantastic model and subject, Spiro! Liked. Really like this paint scheme, and how the larger decals have picked up the corrugated details.

  23. Awesome job! My son loves plane models as much as I do ship models.

  24. Well done Spiros @fiveten , it was a privilege to watch this develop. The weathering has really worked well on this monster! And the build quality was evident throughout. Can you imagine sitting in one of those wing cabins? A sensational 'First', for you in the F & L category!

  25. Great jog Spiros! And thanks for incorporating the historical background.

  26. Very cool project, Spiros. It would be a kick to find someone's diary entries about a flight they took in one of these monsters!

  27. Spiros, great build and subject! I wonder how this aircraft felt to fly it or just be a passenger. Aviation is definitely an exciting field.

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