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Nothing is impossible: the Bartini-Beriev WWA-14

When looking at some of the flying machines, the question immediately arises as to how anyone could believe that something like this would ever take off! In fact, the original of the WWA-14 M1 shown here has flown - and not at all badly, [...]

Mikro-Mir DeHavilland Venom FB4

De Havilland proposed a development of the Vampire for the high altitude fighter-bomber role in 1948, using a thinner wing and a more powerful engine. With the4 company identification of DH 112, further development to fulfill Air Ministry [...]

The lady in red: DH.88 Comet, De Havilland's true wooden wonder!

The centenary celebration of the Australian state of Victoria, a wealthy chocolate manufacturer, an innovative aircraft manufacturer and a national aviation industry that had a lot of catching up to do: these are the essential ingredients [...]

From sporty Hawk to good-natured Maggie: Miles Magister Mk.I

It is hard to believe that such a conventional-looking aircraft as the Miles Magister came out of an aircraft factory that was virtually famous for unconventionally designed aircraft and novel concepts! Even if Miles Aircraft was not [...]

15 minutes of fame for a de Havilland Gipsy Major I or: from the spotlight into the darkness. A detailed story from the construction of the Miles Magister by Mikro Mir.

Do you know this too? Sometimes kits contain whole jewels of modelling, such as a wonderfully reproduced radio equipment, a detailed navigator's workstation or a promisingly detailed engine, which then in the further building process are [...]

Be I the One? The Soviet attempt at fighter rocketry.

Many nations in the 30s and 40s courted the idea of a rocket-powered fighter or interceptor. The Bereznyak-Isayev BI program was the Soviet Union's attempt at a "short range fighter" powered by a rocket engine. Like it's [...]

Yak-23 1/144 (Mikro Mir + Shelf Oddity)

Hello everyone! This model has been finished in December 2020, but photos and editing dragged on a bit. The kit is Mikro Mir, which I really like and highly recommend. This is the most crisp and delicate short-run kit I've seen. Mikro [...]

Soviet "Foxtrot" Class Project 641 Submarine 1/350 by MikroMir

Quick build of this MikroMir Soviet Foxtrot Submarine. Relatively few parts but a challenge to paint & weather this 1962 "Cuban Missile Crisis" boat. This one is the third in a series of 1/350 Russian Submarines on the bench [...]

Review: Mikro Mir 1/48 Yak-23 Flora review