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Saab J 29B Tunnan S/N 29475 - UN Squ. No. 22 (Sweden) - Congo - 1961/1963

Dear Imodelers,

Please find my latest model, a from .

Initially, I was thinking of making a classic aluminum version. But Hobby Boss also offers a camouflaged version, to say the least, new, with roundels (squares here :-)) for the UN. I did not take long to decide to retain this decoration which goes off the beaten track.

A little history (source: Pilot Replica):

The Congolese crisis and the 22nd U.N. Fighter Squadron (F 22 squadron in Congo)

The Congo crisis was a period of power struggles and serious unrest in the Congo that began when the Congo was declared independent from Belgium. Following a UN request on September 23, 1961, the Swedish government decided that a small group of B should be sent to the U.N. Fighter Wing, called F 22.

The task of the F 22 was to protect UN air transport primarily through escorts and offensive missions, a task that presented great practical difficulties in the type of war waged in Congo in 1961. Difficulties in distinguishing between objectives military and civilian installations were extraordinarily large. On December 6, 1961, the first attack missions were carried out against the air bases of Kolwezi and Jadotville in Katanga. The mission of the F 22 with its Swedish J 29 B, Indian Canberra and Iranian and Filipino F-86s, was at that time of crucial importance to the security and success of UN troops in the Congo.

Its significant contribution was the attack on Kolwezi Air Base, where the Katanga Air Force was quickly and surprisingly completely destroyed on the ground.

The F 22 was dissolved in April 1963. Two J 29 and two S 29 were repatriated to , the other aircraft were destroyed on the spot because the cost of their repatriation was considered too high. In total, 9 J 29B and 2 S 29C (reconnaissance) served in the Congo.

So much for the story of this ephemeral squadron.

Regarding the model, nothing special to say, it's a good little Hobby Boss model, without any notorious trap. As is often the case with this manufacturer, some steps are extremely precise, and others are less successful. But nothing insurmountable. I also added Master Model metal pitot tubes, an Aires resin seat and a PE Maestro Models ladder. For camouflage, we might as well say that reference photos are not legion, often with colors that have yellowed over time. So I had to resolve to interpret and improvise. I realized that the orange sprinkles should have been thinner.

I hope that this little flying barrel, which although it looks clumsy, nonetheless displays a certain elegance, will please you in this ephemeral livery. See you soon !

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15 responses

  1. That is a little stunner for sure! 🤗 Thanks for posting something so unusual and rare, a very cool break from our typical subjects around here. That is a great model and some interesting history as well! 👍

    I also appreciate the comparison photo with the MiG! Love pics like that! 😀

  2. Nice model Stephane on a worthy theme

    Politics of the time is strange enough. Katanga could ( Should) have broken off.

    My Father got the “White Book “ chronicling the massacres and the names of the people killed in the break away province back to Leopoldville where it eventually got to the UN. This was in a D.C.-3. He and the crew fearing they would have gotten killed themselves in getting this information out up till the moment the wheels left the ground .The abundance of Strategic Metals sets the policy Still. Some Asian country’s are trying to take over this wealth through sham loans and corruption.Situation sad and ongoing.

    Thanks for the info and model testimony.

  3. Excellent looking build, nice to see this aircraft in this scheme the finish came out great! I like the final side by side shot with the MiG-15, two jet planes using a centrifugal jet engine, very nice.

  4. This is an awesome scheme on an awesome model, Stéphane @Stelaire
    Well performed, great weathering.

  5. Great result and thanks for the previously unknown information.

  6. This is an amazing job of a good kit of a very cool plane, Stéphane! I love the J-29, and I love "exotic" markings, such as this one, so a double love here! You did a wonderful paint job, as well. The final result is nothing less than totally imposing.

  7. Beautiful work - your detail on the cockpit and the ladder are excellent. Well done.

  8. Very interesting model, very nicely finished.

  9. First time I've seen this kit built Stephane. I think you've done an excellent job in a most unusual scheme. The Swedish aircraft industry continues to astound me with their innovative products. Thanks also for the background information. It brings the model to life!

  10. Thanks to all for your kind comments 😎

  11. Nice work on this. Great scheme on a plane I like a lot.

  12. Looks great, Stephane (@Stelaire). The Tunnan is one of those planes that is so ugly that it's cool. Great work on the model, especially the striped camo.

  13. I was planning my Tunnan for UN colors, but was thinking NMF. After seeing this, I'm changing my tune! Very nice scheme, and well-executed! Love it.

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