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Silver Horse, and Fighting Rooster

I first encountered the model in the early nineties. It was an Airfix kit from the Aircraft of the aces series. Of course, then the model seemed to be perfect in its performance. I painted it with the usual Humbrol paints and a brush. I return to this construction after more than twenty years with no less nostalgia than then. I thought about what to buy for a long time, but I still feel attracted to models made in natural metal color. So, after analyzing the available markings, the 315th squadron of the Polish Armed Forces in the west fell. The so-called Dębliński Squadron, which upheld the tradition of the pre-war aviation training center in Dęblin and also the pre-war 112th fighter squadron. This unit initially used Spitfires, then in March 1944 it switched to Mustang Mk. III.

Eugeniusz Horbaczewski, an outstanding pilot. He flew in 315 squadron and died in 18 august 1944 after hard battle: 12 Mustangs Mk. III vs 60 Fw 190. He shoot down probably two or Three Fw-190 but was hit by AA fire and crash landed. An ace with 16.5 confirmed planes kills and one unconfirmed and one damage. But the story of this pilot is a topic for a separate project ...

After some reflection, I chose the set as a model, which had quite positive reviews. However, I did not expect that some of the disadvantages mentioned are actually quite significant. In general, the model folded well, had a really well-made cockpit, which, apart from the belts, did not require any accessories. Also, the beautifully made recesses of the main landing gear looked great (a very cleverly made form in the form of a separate element). It was also very good to assemble the main landing gear. Nicely crafted undercarriage wheels with grooves in the tread. So much for the pros. The disadvantage was the practical non-putty of the elements. There was a minimal collapse on the joining of the halves of the cauldron, possibly due to shrinkage of the injection mold. The element was difficult to sand perfectly with sandpaper and even more difficult to putty. Fortunately, in the original, the engine covers are also split. But to be honest the wing-to-fuselage fit was perfect. The biggest disappointment, however, was the cockpit canopy. It was just too wide one time, and two made for simplicity with a piece of the fuselage, which spoiled the effect significantly. Also canopy not fit good at all on fuselage. It was dissapointed for me. Also wing landing lamp was very very poor molded, and didn't fit well. Academy dealt with this problem, so maybe the producer's savings were apparent and the effect was weak? The auxiliary fuel tanks were also made of a different material than the rest of the moldings. (resin casting?). The surface was slightly rough. Good thing these were just tanks. When it comes to marking, I decided to use Polish made Techmod decals. It turned out that despite the fact that they are really nicely printed, they are terribly delicate. Working with decals was very stressful and tiring (I used Micro Set and Micro Sol fluid). Unfortunately, the decal with the registration number was damaged (it was successfully repaired with the spare numbers from the set). The squadron's emblems were also damaged (also one of "K" letters was broken, but fortunetly fit into one piece on fuselage), and I finally decided to take them off, bought a new set and put them on the model. Every cloud has a silver lining! It turned out that the next set of decals I bought has no black borders on the emblem, which is correct! So the former had a bug that I didn't even notice! So the karma prank was on purpose, for which I thank her! Model painted with reliable paints Mr Color Super Fine Silver II (some panels in Super Silver Chrome II). Some details in dull Aluminum Vallejo Metal Color paint. Also Coat of clear X-35 Tamiya. Anti Glare panel was painted by C304 Olive Drab. The interior elements were painted with US Interior Green Mr Hobby paint. Also I build flexible, very thin 7mm long antenna (soaked by CA Glue) from rigging wire from AK. It was hard work! Lieutenant Lis will return with another model in NMF livery 🙂 I would also like to thank the good spirit of this construction, thanks to which the model was created as presented here and at the times indicated 😉

PS. For me to forget! I replaced the original, poorly cast machine guns with barrels from the Fine Molds .50 cal M2 MG set.

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  1. Beautiful work on your Mustang, the overall finish looks great.

  2. Well done, Lis!

  3. Thank You! I'm glad that you like my work 🙂

  4. Beautiful! Amazing that 1/72 can look that rich and that detailed.
    Great work.

  5. Thank you for the kind words! 🙂

  6. It was great to follow your build, @lis. It came out really well.

  7. An amazing result, Lis! It is really difficult to believe that it is "only" 1/72! Your build thread was a joy to follow and see this beautiful Mustang coming together.
    Waiting for Lieutenant Lis's next entry!

  8. Nice work - surprised to realize it was 1/72.

  9. Very nice work!

  10. Great job! Beautifully done bare metal scheme.

  11. Excellent result.

  12. Despite the difficulties you encountered during your build you ended up with a terrific looking Mustang, definitely liked.

  13. Fantastic achievement, Lis @lis
    Especially in this scale you were still able to give it a lot of detail and performed an outstanding paint job.
    It was a pleasure to follow your thread.

  14. Interesting historical subject (I didn't know that Polish pilots flew on Mustangs, too), and an excellent model. Kudos!

  15. Thank you for all for good word! I hope you enjoy my next project. I'm wainting for parcel from my hobby shop. 🙂

  16. Looks great - well done!

  17. Fine work on the bare metal finish, Lis. It is not easy to get such a smooth look at this scale. I am impressed with how well Humbrol enamels can settle but some of that must be attributed to your skillful brushwork. You obviously put a lot of work into the build overall - great job.

  18. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    A very exceptional work Lis.
    From the subtle weathering to the metal sheen, this build stands out.
    And in 1/72 scale ... much more yet.

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