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Tamiya 1/48 F-16C Fighting Falcon

OK, so it's probably not a perfect block 32 , but pretty close. This smaller aircraft took more patience, especially on the wheel bays, panel line shading, and cockpit. I tried the Quinta Studios (Russian-based company) 3-D decals & ejection seat accessors; pretty easy to apply once you sand down the raised panels & control, but I'm a little torn between old-school dry-brushing vs. this decal approach. Definitely more detail, but waiting 3 weeks for it to arrive, and then doing away with pretty good detail that is already there...? I really like the Alclad lacquer products to create more of a burnt, high-heat exhaust/afterburner effect on the turkey feathers. The dirty yellow ladder was added for a little more realism of a parked F-16, may need to do more of a diorama in the future. Finally, I wasn't sure I was going to mount so much ordinance & fuel tanks underneath, but I figured what the heck - how an F-16 in this configuration is able to get airborne is amazing! But I think it was a common load-out in Afghanistan & Iraq theatres to provide close ground/troop support, as well as air-to-air.

Thanks for checking out my F-16, and happy modeling!

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  1. What a great build, Joe! Excellent job on this F-16: a good kit from Tamiya, still requiring a lot of quality work to.look excellent, which is the case here.
    I am also old school, preferring drybrushing and the like, but, I have to admit, the Quinta goodies look wonderful.
    You have such fantastic modeling pace, looking forward to your next entry!

    • Thanks Spiros, the pace is definitely slowing down as the first 3 models were done over the last 7-8 months during COVID, and wanted to share them with the community. I really don't have a shelf of shame yet, so I may just stick to out-of-the box approach as the Quintas delivery really slowed down the F-16 build.

  2. The Quinta Studios detail 3D sets appear to be worth the wait.

    Nice result!

  3. That's a great looking F-16! Bravo sir! πŸ™‚

  4. Looks good, Joe! All you need is a Hornet now.

  5. Beautiful! I have this kit essential awaiting paint, and I have to say the Quinta cockpit set looks way better than the Eduard color PE. Excellent choice, and great paint and weathering!

  6. Another excellent result, Joe. I keep looking at those Quinta goodies, but the price puts me off a bit. Definitely liked your F-16

  7. Amazing build, Joe @jroamer
    The shading turned out very nice and does indeed give the model a nice depth.
    That cockpit looks extremely realistic, never used Quinta before but looking at your results I am really temped to try it as well.

    • Thanks for the positive feedback John. These guys at Quintas Studios have a pretty good selection of scale and aircraft decals, all 3-D printed in color, and the detail for a 1/48 scale F-16 is just scary phenomenal. I bought mine off e-Bay for $22, total $54 with expedited shipping & fees, which is pretty steep. But, when you become a model junkie, it happens πŸ™‚

      Note to self for future models: if you're gonna pre-black shade panel lines on the aircraft, I should probably do so on the fuel drop tanks as well, to stay consistent (just noticed that).

  8. That's a great looking Viper! Have you seen what the Israelis hang off these things? They definitely have some muscle...

  9. Fantastic looking F-16! Well done!

  10. The detailed work and the final look is amazing! Beautiful build.

  11. Excellent job on your F-16, Joe. I really like the weathering, especially with the idea that this would be in combat conditions. The cockpit detail looks superb - amazing for 1/48. I think you made a good choice with the Quinta Studios 3D. I agree that is is difficult deciding whether to sand off existing detail but sometimes the precision of aftermarket stuff can't be beat. Thanks for giving some in progress details on how you did the high-heat exhaust effects. They are always tricky for me.

  12. πŸ™‚ ... Greetings ... πŸ™‚ :
    Oh Joe, you're hitting me.
    Arkansas is a second home to me, and strong ties there.
    You got me with the razor back hog and the 188 FW .
    Very nice work on this build, the subtle weathering is so spot on.

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