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Hawker Typhoon Mk.Ib (Car Door) No. 175 Squadron, Hasegawa, 1/48

November 29, 2021 · in Aviation · · 41 · 1.8K

This is my contribution to the combo build of the together with Spiros @fiveten
It was a great moment when Spiros joined my thread together with his Typhoon and continue it as a combo build.
The build was mainly out of the box, except for some scratch build elements.
Seatbelts were added and are made of masking tape together with some small metal wires to represent the buckles.
Braking lines are added to the main landing gear and a piece of metal is added to the car door to represent the guidance.
Besides the problem with the back of the fuselage, thanks Tom @tcinla for notifying, which leaves a gap, no real issues were observed.
Fitting in general of this kit is pretty nice.
Decals are slightly on the thick side and it takes ages before they come loose from their carrier, but in the end they do lay down nicely. The fuselage band was applied with airbrush instead of the applied decals, just like the identification markings on the bottom side of the wings.
Improvement on the airbrushing is still required, currently the applied layers are still on the thick side. Thanks for notifying Tom.
Likely I'm a little too enthusiastic to get some color on the build.
Nevertheless I'm pretty please with the outcome of it and the joy it was to get this one built in parallel with Spiros.

I would like to thank all the people who joined the build thread and gave their feedback and help.

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  1. And one more fantastic build John @johnb.
    I like the way you present it with the car door open we can clearly see the fantastic detailing of the IP. It was a pleasure to follow yours build. Waiting now to see the model from Spiros @fiveten.
    Thanks for sharing

  2. A wonderful result, John!
    An excellent allover job, with great attention-to-details, this is a superb looking Typhoon! Congratulations!
    It was great that you accepted me to join your build with my Typhoon build: I had this kit in my shelf of doom for two decades, now found an excellent opportunity to build it with your great company! It was pure pleasure to build together!
    Now, the only real question is: which will our next combo build be? 🙂

    • @fiveten, thank you Spiros, the pleasure was all mine. Your quality build definitely drives me to improve on my skills. Great to see that your Typhoon is also taking shape now, it would have been a pitty to leave it on the shelf.

  3. Hi John, fantastic result. Construction, spray job, all to the highest perfection.
    Regards, Dirk / Zeeuws Vlaanderen.

  4. Turned out great, John. Nice paintwork especially. The Typhoon is an important type that isn’t built enough.

  5. Great job mate. amazing photos too.

  6. Awesome work John, lots of nice detail added!

  7. Amazing work, your build looks great. This is a very important aircraft that I feel does not get enough credit.

  8. fantastic model! I like your painting!

  9. Sharp looking "Tiffie" John. Your camo work came out really well.

  10. Very nice Typhoon John! ? Great job! ?

  11. That looks just great, John. What did you use for paints? Did you have any issue with the fuselage inserts around the cockpit? I remember having to do a lot of filling/smoothing in that area.

  12. Looks great! The paint and finish work is top-notch. Well done.

  13. Great build John!

  14. You should be proud of this result,. @johnb. Very good work and a great result.

    As to the paint thickness, that's where airbrushing becomes an "art," and it's something one has to experiment a lot with. 60-40 or 50-50 thinned paint and 15psi for the compressor is a good place to start.


  15. Another beautiful build John@johnb. Nice photos as well. Somehow I missed your build thread with Spiros@fiveten and I just started reading it. As TC says, paint thickness and dialing it in is an "art" which I have yet to master despite many models later. One thing for sure, knowing when to step back instead of "just one more spray" is lesson no. 2. No 1? Practice, practice, practice. Every model is a new learning experience.

  16. NICE John! Impressive build and awesome thread to follow.
    Just as impressive photos, too!

  17. Good looking Tiffy John, and some nice pics as well.

  18. Typhoons and Tempests are certainly some of the best looking WW2 planes and you’ve certainly caught the good looks with this model, excellent work all round.

  19. G'day John (@johnb),
    I've been catching up on some pages that I had tabbed in my browser and I've gotten to your build.

    I'm really impressed which what you have done here and I'm going to read you build log.
    I always paint fuselage and wing bands because decals never match up neatly, so well done to you.
    I like the worn look you achieved to the wing leading edge where the underwing bands meet the upper wing.

    I have two of these on 'pause' at the moment - an Eduard boxing of the car door and an Italeri boxing of the bubble-top.
    I got stuck on the poor match of the radiator opening interior upper part to the lower fuselage parts and the internal seam at the bottom. Looking at your build I guess shouldn't have been so worried.
    I am hoping to get them completed this year, though.
    We will see.


  20. Superb job ! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

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