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Sea Harrier Fa.2

December 8, 2021 · in Aviation · · 18 · 1.5K

Hi folks, it has been a while!
I'm typing this on a boat, currently off the coast of Senegal... if that explains why I haven't posted a lot of articles recently.

This is the sea 2 kit, with the cockpit set, painted with Mr. colour acrylics.

The kit had its up's and down's I found during assembly...
While building I always note different points to talk about in the final article, but tend to forget most of them six months later when it comes to writing.
But here goes...
The surface detail and molding is amazing.
The instructions weren't too legible, although I've heard this can be the case with a lot of Kinetic kits.
If you were to build it, I would forget about the internal mechanism for moving the nozzles, that doesn't really seem to work.
I had a bit of trouble fitting the front end and nose together, but maybe that was down to installing the aftermarket cockpit detail. To be fair it's normally my fault when something goes wrong, so that was probably the case.
A decent choice when it comes to armaments. I went for an air to air set up, although you have gun pods and anti ship missiles in the box if you so choose.
The kit art is that of one of the retirement liveries, and you get the decals to replicate, however I tend to prefer more of an active service look to my jets.

Overall I'd recommend the kit, more pro's than con's. Just omit the 'working' nozzles!

So anyway, long story short for those of you I haven't spoke to in a while.
I got back into the marine environment for work, so I can build but I can't paint! I currently have four works in progress sat at home on the shelves unpainted.
So in no particular order...
1/35 T-14 Armata
1/35 full patriot missile system with tractor and radar
USS Missouri
I promise I will paint them before I die, so you will see them at some point. And I've just ordered five new display cases, so all good intention is there.
I have a finished LMP-1 car to post soon also.

Thanks for looking and see you soon!

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  1. Outstanding SHAR, Richard! Welcome back. I understand your building routine completely. I build most of my kits at my beach condo in Alabama, but my spray booth is at my house in Illinois. My models log alot of miles but not as many as yours!

  2. Good to hear from you again, Richard, hope you manage to get home for Christmas. Great looking Harrier and thanks for sharing the building tips. Looking forward to seeing the LMP car. Definitely liked.

    • Thanks mate, good to hear from you too!
      Nope, I'm working xmas, and I'm cooking for the crew as well. At least we'll be in the Caribbean for it!
      I'm flying back new years day though.

  3. Just a really outstanding effort! Looks good!

  4. Beautiful result on this Harrier, Richard @richardmcstay48gmail-com
    Must be quite an adventure to on a boat near Senegal.
    At least you can spent time on presenting this gem.

  5. Wow Rich ,this is amazing work as usual, a friend of mine is working on the same kit and has also had problems getting the fuselage halves together so I think it's down to the kit not you.
    I noticed everyone seems to build Seaharriers with the airbrake open when parked is this the standard position for it to be or can it be closed and still be correct ?

    • Cheers mate, thanks very much!
      I have the Kinetic frs1 to build also, so I'll do a few test fits when I get round to it.
      I'd say the airbrake would probably be closed while stationary, I just opened it up for something to look at, lol
      I've done that on all my jets to be fair looking back at them.

  6. A wonderful result, Richard!
    A true modeler will commence modeling at any place and you prove it in the best possible way!

  7. Very nice Richard! She looks fantastic! ?

  8. One hot Harrier!

  9. That's a great-looking Harrier! Wish you had more light in the photos to see details better - I feel like I'm missing out on some of the magic!

    • Cheers mate!
      It was a bit of a dull day when I took the pics...
      They look okay on my laptop here, and on my phone, but when I looked on the work PC they are really, really dark.
      Same with some of my other articles, not sure what that is.

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