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Special Hobby 1/72 SB2A-4 Buccaneer

December 13, 2021 · in Aviation · · 30 · 2.1K

's kit is quite good, albeit of the older type of their kits. With relatively moderate effort it turns out fine. The interior is unexpectedly complete for the scale, but it takes plenty of test fitting to ensure a tight fit.

The transparent pieces are a bit tedious to mask and I think some parts of the frame are missing, which I constructed with a very thin silver tape used for manicure. Also the front half of the canopy is given in one piece so I had to cut in the appropriate places to leave it open.

Painted with vallejo as usual and marabu as my matte varnish.

Any comments welcome!

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  1. Truly great result, φίλε Γιώργο!
    Hard to believe this is 1/72, looks at least an 1/48 excellently built!

  2. Exquisite. Fine work on a cool looking craft. The open canopies really sell it.

    The top wing stars have an interesting look, are they supposed to be faded out?

    • Thanks Kyle. Supposedly this particular aircraft was very worn out by the sun and Special Hobby provides the faded stars as decals. My photographs make them pop out more than they actually do.
      However, If was to do the kit again I would use the "normal" ones that are also provided, and fade them out myself.

  3. Wow, George, this is really nice. Superb work all around and the paintwork is outstanding.

  4. Fantastic in every respect! Model choice, build, paint job and weathering!

  5. That is a beautiful model - love the detail and the paint and weathering work - simply fantastic!

  6. What a oxymoron. The Buccaneer was considered to be a failure, and yet we see a model of the type that screams out its a winner, model of the month, or in the gold category. Some strong impressive work.

    Two thumbs up, George

  7. Very nice George. First time I've seen one of these SH Buccaneers built up. Great detailing especially in the cockpit area. "Liked".

  8. Amazing job! Hard to belive that's 1/72 with that amount of detail. Bravo.

  9. Right...never seen this one. First I thought Brewster, then Vought, then back to Brewster. So I looked it up and..yes Brewster it was! Great job, love the painting. You brought out a lot of details with your brush.

  10. Amazing result, George @georgec
    Very realistic detailing, weathering and painting.
    Especially since this is 'just' 1/72

  11. Beautiful work, you put in a lot of extra work and it shows...I read 1/72 but it looks more like 1/48th!

  12. Most impressive! Love the faded paint and detailed interior.

  13. Great work at any scale - astonishing at 1/72! The great paintwork is really shown off well by your excellent photography.

  14. One ugly plane but one fantastic model.

  15. Gorgeous build George! It is very well built and excellent craftsmanship. I love the Buccaneer, for the fact that It was named the "Bermuda" in RAF service. I have always wanted to build one in British Camouflage in 1/48, just because it was named after my country!
    Thanks for sharing your build- awesome!
    Dan from Bermuda.

  16. Really nice, George. Great paintwork and detailing. Is that one of the Buccaneers that flew anti-sub patrols out of NAS Glynco, GA?

  17. A wonderful outcome of a seldome to be seen subject! Congratulation Sir for this gem, quite awesome!

  18. Really amazing, George.
    Great paintwork, detailing, weathering and complete model.
    So much encouraging to me to build one on the future.

  19. Wow. Masterclass. The subtle shading of colors is fabulous, interior work great in small scale. When the canopy frames stand close-ups like that, they are perfect. This is a superb model in all aspects.
    Congrats from a huge Brewster fanboy.

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