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V-1 Buzz Bomb Prepared for Launch

December 28, 2021 · in Diorama · · 14 · 1.2K

Relatively new to the hobby. Have mainly just watched YouTube videos for the past few years and decided to give modeling a try. First non-sci fi build I have completed since I was a child.

This depicts a German Rocket Bomb set up on the launch sled. I based the design off of pictures I found online as well as some YouTube documentaries about the V-1 bomb.

The V-1 is . The rest of the diorama includes mixed media such as foam, styrene, electrical wires, pva glue, super glue, Noch vegitation, Woodland Scenics vegitation, Oil paints, Tamiya dry pigments, Tamiya acrylic paints.

Hardest part of the build was making the launch ramp. It is roughly 5 times shorter then what I had seen in reference photos, but I needed to fit the completed diorama on a bookshelf.

Start to finish build gallery -

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  1. Very nice build of the V1 and ditto diorama, @greenterrorz
    Recently I saw one in real and, although a simple 'rocket', they look impressive.
    Welcome to this great community.

    • I think I might have seen one while I was younger at an air force museum, but a bit hard to remember.

      Thanks for the compliment and warm welcome!

  2. An amazing result and a great entry to the hobby, Green Terrorz! An excellent diorama!
    Your decision to shorten the ramp, in order to come up with "normal" diorama dimensions is great.
    Welcome aboard!

    • Thanks for the welcome as well as the nice words. I appreciate it! I wasn’t sure how true to size some people might like things to be when creating dioramas.

  3. Really like this! It looks remarkably peaceful in its quiet French field!

    My mother and her brother were evacuated from London during the blitz and returned home before the end of the war - they hated being away and were not the best of guests in Wales! They experienced the horror of these rockets.

    The family lived about two and half miles north of Tower Bridge (the central aiming point for the v-weapons). The weapons were not hugely accurate - they were not designed to be. My dad was away in the merchant navy before the end of the war, but my mother often told me of the terror of the 'doodlebugs' and the fear when the sound they made stopped - they were said to be about to fall. You just held your breath...

    I was also often regaled with the story of how a V-2 hit the Haggerston gas-works close to where my mother's family lived and the size of the huge explosion knocking people from miles around to the floor. But that's a different weapon.

    This is a brilliant build of a controversial subject. After all, the guy who designed them later put man on the moon!

    • I bet it was terrifying to experience such random brutality first hand. I’m glad your family was able to stay safe during that time.

      Thanks for the compliments, I appreciate it!

  4. Welcome to iModeler and congratulations on a good job done. When making a diorama it is never necessary to have a full anything. It can be challenging but more rewarding to tell a story with less space.

  5. Welcome aboard. That's a nice vignette. Well done on the model and display.

  6. Nicely done Green, and welcome to iModeler. Lots of nice folks reside here and can offer up lots of modeling techniques and advice when asked.

    • Thank you! I have a few more projects I have completed sorta recently and would love some critique and criticism to help me approve. I’ll post them in the upcoming weeks.

  7. Very nice build of the V1 and diorama, it looks great! Also welcome to the iModeler’s community.

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