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Academy /48 Mig 21SM

January 11, 2022 · in Aviation · · 16 · 1.4K

As I am not a Mig 21 expert, I will not say that all of what I did on this build, was absolutely correct. I based the markings on a profile (eek) of Mig 21s in Afghanistan in the 80's. I found a KMC Mig21 MF resin cockpit during one of my last trips to Bobe's Hobby in Pensacola, FL. Mike's shop was awesome, and will always be one of my best memories of Pensacola. Mike is a great guy, and he made Bobe's the great place it was.

The kit has a number of issues, mainly the incorrect location of the bulge related to the main undercarriage wells. I had to use a putty type mold material to make a mold of the Port and Stbd bulges. I then shaved off the kit bulges, and replaced them with the resin casts in the right locations. I read that the SM had a slightly larger diameter nose, with more of a consistent cylindrical shape, so I layered plastic card around the kit nose to sand it level and reshape it carefully.

I also outfitted the kit with a ground attack load, using weapons from the OEZ Mig 21 kit.

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  1. Great build Dan. I have a few 1/72 kits of the -21MF and want to build one in Soviet markings but can’t find evidence that the Soviets used it. From what I find the MF was built for export. Your thoughts?

    • Hi Jim, thanks very much! Look further down, and you will see a comment by someone who knows way more than me. I think I did read/realize months ago when I finished this kit, that I was actually building an SM, just forgot what I learned. I will adjust my headline once I reply to everyone.

  2. Another beauty, Dan @danfrombermuda
    The desert scheme looks great on this Fishbed.

  3. You did a really fine job on the Academy kit, Dan!
    Thanks for the info on the incorrect bulges, as I have the same kit to build some day.

    • Thanks very much! I was in a position that I had 3 academy kits picked up over the years. Of course Eduard has rendered the aircraft better than Academy did, But living on an island, and knowing resale by post would be untenable- I am building them! lots of photos of actual airframes and comparisons with closeups of eduard built kits got me to this point!

  4. Nice work, Dan. The Mig-21MF was the export version of the Mig-21SM. Externally they look the same. I think the main difference was avionics. Not to be confused with the “hunchback” MT/SMT.

  5. Dan: Great job on the MiG-21. I was fortunate to see some Mig-21's while I was in Afghanistan; the Afghans had a lot of ex-Soviet equipment at one time, but most of it was lying around in boneyards when I saw it back in the early 2000's. Some had been mounted on poles as gate guards, but most was in big lots, just pushed together in big piles of junk.Most aircraft appeared to be Mig's and Sukhoi's, and there was LOTS of old armor, too.

    Anyway, great job on the MiG.
    Happy New Year!

    • Happy New Year to you too! Thanks for the kind words! I was tempted by images of Mig21s that were left behind and repainted in Afghan markings, but came back to the reference profile- right or wrong!

  6. Looks great! The MiG-21 was flown by so many users that there are plentiful schemes to choose from. This one looks great. Nice bit of elbow grease to get this one into "shape."

    • Thanks Greg! it was a bit of work especially the nose! had to shave the AOA off the kit to then reattach to the enlarged diameter- at least on the two remaining Academy kits I only have the landing gear bay bulge to move aft a bit. They will both be earlier Mig 21's.

  7. Very nice work Dan! That is a very distinctive MiG! ?

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