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1/48 Curtiss-Wright CW-21B

March 5, 2022 · in Aviation · · 24 · 1.9K

This is a limited edition kit by Dora Wings that was produced for IPMS Netherlands. The kit is generally well fitting and nicely detailed with fine recessed panel lines. The canopy is crystal clear but is a one piece part. I found masks for the canopy did not fit well and due to the dome shape of the upper canopy they also would not adhere well. I used Myjor tape for masking on mine. There also is a canopy frame on the dome centerline that is missing so I added one. The kit decals are well done but the black border on the triangle markings are incorrect. The border should be the same size no matter the size of the triangle. The fuselage one is too narrow and the underwing is too wide. I used the kit fuselage triangle applied over a slightly larger one sourced from an old Aeromaster decal, 48-031 Royal Netherlands East Indies Air Force, That effectively made the border a more correct width. I used some triangles that had a more correct width from the same sheet. for the underwings. The 4 gun blast tubes and pitot head were done with Albion brass tubing and the fin navigation clear lights were added from my spares box. Engine was detailed using lead wire for the ignition ring and wires. The unusual tinted canopy dome was sprayed with clear orange. Wires were done using stretched sprue.

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  1. Excellent, Dale! That’s one I really wanted. Netherlands East Indies subjects are fascinating. Hopefully our friends at Dorawings stay safe.

  2. Sadly it's going to be awhile before anyone sees this kit widely released. Hopefully not a long while.

    Really nice work (as usual) on this, Dale.

  3. Excellent job, Dale!

  4. Amazing result, Dale @dtravis
    Recently read about this kit and seeing your results, I added it to my wishlist.
    Great scheme and very nice weathering done.

  5. Another well executed build of an obscure AC. Keep them coming Dale I enjoy viewing them.

  6. I know my opinion is not with the flow here, but you did a great solid work on a model of one of the contestants for the world’s most ungainly fighter planes Dale 🙂 A one of a kind edition it seems

  7. I think it's beoo-tee-ful! Another one I have always liked and desired. You built it well of course. You get access to info I never see, never had a hint about a tinted canopy. My kid managed to get one and can't wait to see what he does with it.
    If one looks at the stats comparing this and the Zero, there isn't much of a difference. The Dutch pilots were no slouches either.
    Looks Great!

  8. Very nice work on your Demon, it looks great! These are the kind of builds I like to see.

  9. Great looking build!

  10. Love it. Nice to see a Dutch subject too. 🙂

  11. Thanks much Paul!

  12. A beautiful build - love the paint and weathering. And an unusual subject also! Well done.

  13. Really neat model and subject. Really like how the ring sight hangs down from the front canopy! Liked.

    Like others have stated, hope everyone at Dora Wings (and all the other Ukrainian manufacturers that have given us such neat subjects) come out alive & well.

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