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CNS Aircraft Carrier Destroyer CVD-01 Capitan Prat "What If" (1/350, Heller-kitbashing-Scratch)

April 25, 2022 · in Ships · · 14 · 1.8K

After more than 7 months, +750 parts and 280 hours work, finished Capitan Prat, completely imaginary model, from an idea that occurred the late 60s in Chile, when they thought of having an aircraft carrier but was ruled out due the cost from maintenance and opposition the Chilean air force for not giving up air supremacy.

Added many radical improvements and modifications to 's model the Clemenceau… Plastruct Styrene Sheet, Rod, Strip, Generic PE from Gold Medal Models in Railings, Tom Modelworks Reels and Safety Nets, Flyhawk Vertical and Inclined ladders, Watertight Doors, lifebuoy from dream models, brass tube 0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.8mm…flyhawk stairs and handrails, ciws phalanx from veteran models, decals from Gold Medal models, scale aircraft F/A 18F Super Hornet set, SH-60F and AH-1W Cobra aircraft set,1/350 E2C Hawkeye from Tamiya,.. veteran models binocular set, addition to the USN Carrier deck equipment from gallery models... decals from gold medal models.. ... Tamiya weathering master set B, invisible thread 0.004mm nylon . Tamiya, Model master and Humbrol Enamels Paints…Rust-Oleum satin lacquer.

thanks for watching.

Length: 243 meters
beam waterline: 28.5 meters
beam flight deck: 52 meters.
Draft : 7.2 meters.
Range: 8000 nautical Milles...14816 Kilometers. at 21 knots.
33,000 standard tons.
38,000 full Load.
200,000 hp, Rolls Royce gas turbines.
32 knots(60km/h)
3 electromagnetic catapults.
2 elevators.
mk 41 vls 16 cells each bow to port and starboard.
mk41 vls 32 cells aft starboard.
Mark 45 Mod 2 naval gun aft port.
Mk-32 / Mod. 17, torpedo launcher to starboard and port.
Two shafts 4-bladed CP props.
3 Phalanx 20mm CIWS Block 1B.
AN/SPY-1D(V) multi-function radar
Type 2150 bow sonar
Mk36 SRBOC, sextuple X2 launcher per side.
18 aircraft in peacetime, 24 in war.
F/A-18E/F Advanced Super Hornet.(12P)-(16W)
S-70B Seahawk.(2)
E-2D Hawkeye.(2)
AH-1Z Viper.(2P)-(4W)
Complement 600 - 80 air group.

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14 responses

  1. Wow! Incredible work sir@kodai!

  2. Excellent whiffer.

  3. A truly great idea and an excellent model in every respect, Anthony!
    Outstanding and unique!

  4. Superb build, Anthony @kodai
    Lots of details and those airborn aircraft do make it look realistic.

  5. Impressive model to say the least.

  6. Really like what you did here, excellent modelling skills.
    I wonder if Chile did not in fact dodge a bullet on this one. As you know Brazil bought the sister ship Foch, and it had so many problems that it spent hardly any time really at sea. If the idea was to buy one of the used French carriers, I suspect that the Chilean Navy saved themselves a lot of money.
    The Heller model is 1/400, isn't it?

    • Hello, thanks for your words Marcelo...Chile thought of acquiring a Midway class, specifically the Roosevelt (CV-42) at the end of the 60's...but as explained it was expensive to maintain and the FACH (Chilean Air Force ), put up obstacles that ultimately caused the acquisition project to fail.

  7. Nice your Yamato-based KodaiModels logo!

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