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Yet Another Special Hobby 1/32 Whirlwind

April 28, 2022 · in Aviation · · 25 · 1.2K

Here's my attempt at building 's 1:32 scale Westland .

The Whirlwind is a handsome ship (in my opinion) that doesn't look much like anything else that took to the air in WWII. It has that characteristically British mix of sleek and awkward, but in this case leaning much more to the sleek end of the scale. That's not to say there aren't any awkward lines. The wings, for example, look somewhat “agricultural” and sort of stuck to the fuselage. The empennage is intriguing with its “T” configuration, designed to raise the horizontal stabilizers out of the slop created when the flaps are down.

The Whirlwind had an interesting and short history that I won't bore you with as Tom Cleaver (@tcinla) has done it more justice than I ever could. However, I believe that even if the Whirlwind was designed with Marlins instead of the less powerful and unreliable Kestrels, it could not have matched the flexibility and range of two other British planes with 4 20mm autocannons – the Bristol Beaufighter and de Havilland Mosquito. · on youtube

Speaking of flaps, those interested in modifying the kit to display a flaps-down configuration are in for some work. As shown in the picture below, it's more like a single flap extending under the fuselage between the spots where the wings begin tapering toward their tips.

In any case, here's my rendition of a Westland Whirlwind Mk I.

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  1. Your excellent build makes me want to break out my copy. Almost. Too many kits in the queue right now. But hopefully soon.

  2. Great looking Whirlwind Greg. She's a big bird, and elegant, though slightly goofy. If I didn't square off my stash aircraft to US planes in a smaller scale, I'd consider giving one of these a go.

    • Goofy is a good way to put it. There is something a little "off" about the proportions, seemingly typical with many British designs. My next task is to find a place in my house to fit the model. This could be the last of the 1/32 scale kits for me.

  3. Very nice Whirlwind, Greg @gwfabian
    Beautiful detailing and painting.

  4. Great looking Whirlwind. I'd love to have one in 48th scale as the old CA kit is showing its age and the Trumpeter kit is complete trash.

  5. Excellent job, Greg!
    Thanks for the detailed pics.

  6. Unique look aircraft... you certainly did a great job on this model.,

  7. Very nice Greg! Great job! ?

  8. Excellent work Greg. A real beauty inside and out. Congrats.

    But 1/32 is too big for me. As much as I would like to build another Whirlwind, I guess I will have to be content with staring at the Classic Airframes version that I built about 20 years ago, a real bear of a kit, until somebody issues an up to date one in 1/48. You’re right - the Trumpeter kit is worthless.

  9. Noice! Very good work and an excellent result, @gwfabian.

    One eensy, teensy, weensy nit: it used Peregrines, not Kestrels. It would have been more underpowered than it was!

    Merlin-powered Whirlwinds intercepting the Luftwaffe over London in September 1940 (the job the airplane was supposed to do) would have been A Force To Be Reckoned With.

    • Thanks for straightening out the engine situation. I get my falcons mixed up all the time.

      Those Merlin powered Whirlwinds would have really been something.

  10. Looks nice - I also like the Whirlwind - odd but deadly looking.

  11. Handsome Aircraft and a beauty of a model, Greg.
    I think the Whirlwind was one of the best looking aircraft.

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