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Ba349A: 1/48 Natter w/Launch Tower, by Dragon Models

The brilliance and desperation of the Germans towards the end of WWII is evident in this kit. The was a desperation weapon, that never made it into combat, and only 10 flew at all with a live pilot in it.

The kit is Dragons original 1993 release boxing of the kit that I picked up at IPMS Nationals last year. I had always wanted it but when it came out was not in a position where I could really afford, and justify the purchase. The fit of the parts is overall exceptional with little to now filler needed throughout the build. The tower itself is a little fanciful as my reference pictures show all metal tower structures.

You can follow the build blog here, it really was a fun and enjoyable build that went quickly and without any real problems.

9 additional images. Click to enlarge.

13 responses

  1. Excellent build, Walt @luftwaffe-birdman
    The tower is an absolute great addition to this kit.
    It was a pleasure to follow your thread.

  2. Amazing result, Walt!

  3. Nice build, Walt. The launch tower is a great feature.

  4. G'day Walt (@luftwaffe-birdman),
    It is great to see this completed.
    You've motivated me to get the diorama for my one of these done.

  5. Just the thought of strapping into one of those would make me want to volunteer for the unterseebooten.

  6. Very nice build!

  7. Liked your build thread Walt @luftwaffe-birdman. This turned out great and the tower is very impressive. No way would I ever want to be strapped into one of these. I can't imagine any one else would either.

  8. Superb result to all that work I followed, @luftwaffe-birdman. Really nice!

  9. crazy machine. beautiful rendition of it.
    having balls to fly this is an understatement

  10. CJ said on June 26, 2022

    This is an incredible build, Walt! You don't see many detailed models of the more futuristic and tail-end of the war designs. You knocked this one out of the park.

    Have you ever considered doing a model for even more futuristic designs, for example, the Horten Ho 229 or the Sack AS-6? Some of the "flying saucer" designs towards the end of the war were well-beyond the theoretical design aspects and had been tested in a brief operational capacity.

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