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Eduard 190 A-5 : “Sepp” Würmheller side ride

May 2, 2022 · in Aviation · · 32 · 1.4K

We seem to be on a roll with Focke-Wulfs here lately so I thought I'd join the trend, hope you don't mind!

This is my latest build, my 6th Wurger Wunder Kit, this time an A-5, under the pretext of the latest decal sheet release - “Wulf Pack vol.2”

My model depicts option #3, yellow 3, apparently used as 9. /JG 2 Kapitan “Sepp”Würmeheller back up machine. Seems it was never made in decal form before.
Despite the rather tradicional camouflage I had no eagle motif 190 in my collection.
I suppose this machine was well kept so I decided to be sparse with wear and tear.

Hope you like and please excuse my poor photo session. These were taken outside this afternoon. I may try some artificial light photos tomorrow and see if they do better justice to the model.

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  1. Well done Pedro

  2. Another fine Wunder Würger Pedro, @holzhamer. Did those Exito Decals meet your expectations? They have great looking offerings.

    • Thanks Eric, @eb801
      Indeed they have. It’s the third time (and a half if I consider those being used in the schlacht Stuka build) I use Exito decals and they performed flawlessly.
      It’s Cartograph printed so you know it’s quality product plus I believe this particular sheet, being one of their latest novelties, had really minimum excess film outside the printed area, a feature I don’t think was so notorious on past use of their brand

  3. Nice work, Predro

  4. It’s like a week of Wurgers, Pedro.
    Marvellous Focke-Wulf, looks amazing.

  5. Amazing job, Pedro!
    Looking absolutely fabulous!

  6. Pedro, @holzhamer
    What a Wunderful Wurger... Now say that three times really fast. 😉
    You are definitely on a roll. It looks magnificent. I definitely checked the "like" button. The photos you posted look good enough to me.

    These decals also look to be a hit too. One of these days I will have some bench time again. Maybe then I can finish up the Ta-152's and Dora's on the table now. I'm looking forward to the Dornier and Ju-88's too.

    PS: Revell of Germany has re boxed the Dragon 1/48 scale 188 and it's currently available. 🙂 It doesn't have the BMW radial parts in the box though.

    Take care my friend and I hope to hear from you again soon.

  7. Excellent results on this Würger, Walt @holzhamer
    Paintwork and weathering looks superb, as well as the outdoor pictures. No apologies required.

  8. Yeah, Eduard 190s - you can't do just one (or only 10) 🙂

    Great result @holzhamer. I like this a lot.


  9. Great looking Würger!

  10. A great result, I am very impressed! It is a pleasure to study how you have created shades and traces of use - just right, not too much, not too little - simply convincing!

  11. Excellent airbrush work!

  12. Fabulous work Pedro. @holzhamer Up to your usual high standard!

  13. @j-healy
    Thank you very John, it’s one of those paint works I started like “that’s kinda boring to do” but got my muses along the way so I guess it turned out better than I anticipated tbh

  14. Very amazing Paintjob on this Würger! I like the wavy edge on the wings, did you use a mask for that?
    Keep going with 190's!

  15. You really nailed the paint job on this one! A real beauty!

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