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One Four One, and All Thanks to Hobby Boss

July 2, 2022 · in Aviation · · 19 · 1K

How long is it appropriate to "finish" a gift after you receive it?

2014 to 2022? (Sorry pops)

At least I managed to actually get it done.

This is the Blohm und Voss BV-141 "tactical reconnaissance" aircraft, the failed prototype that lost out against the Focke-Wulf Fw189. It had problems. At the start it was not liked, being considered too radical. According to historian William Green, the technical division of the RLM saw it as a "degenerate expression of the designer's art." The hydraulics were a constant issue through it's life and even after redesign structural integrity and aerodynamic wobble hadn't been rectified. The V12, the aircraft I tried to represent, was sent for live fire trials: it was showed that the guns (that fired below the cockpit in troughs) leaked gun fumes into the cockpit. I get the feeling why they chose the 189.

Strangely enough, Hobby Boss... got this one right? Someone over there did their research, yet at the same time did not. The overall shape is strikingly accurate. The wing bulges over the landing gear, cockpit details (for the most part), even the bomb racks with one bracket. Odd details that were done correctly. And yet there are some details that are confoundingly wrong, such as the misshapen prop spinning in the wrong direction and the entire powerplant, the "power egg" which is iconic in mid to late Luftwaffe aviation. An oddball faux engine, a weird oblong landing light. Curious decisions were made.

My corrections include cutting out the faux engine and replacing it with a Tamiya spare. a Tamiya spinner, Ju-88 props with the tips cut, tightened cowl ring (the power egg shape is too far gone, but I left it alone out of brevity), adding these weird vanes under the wings, cut the tail wheel loose, squaring the landing light, and PE details in the cockpit. There's also a "rudimentary" line bomb sight strung in front of the pilot, to make things weirder.

How Hobby Boss can bungle something like a Hellcat and yet get something like a Blohm und Voss BV-141 (mostly) right is beyond me, but I'm glad they did.

Oh, PS, one was captured intact at the end of the war on the Soviet side and the Russians let a British pilot fly it. Captain Eric Brown has some amusing insight about the type. You can find his recount here:

Thanks for looking.

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  1. An oddly beautiful aircraft. Well done

  2. Very nice job of a very odd airplane!
    Excellent build and finish.

  3. A wonderful result, Kyle! Your corrections did the trick!

  4. Very nice result, Kyle @kopperhed
    Good work on the corrections you applied.

  5. Stunning model Kyle !

  6. Oddball plane, but outstanding model.

  7. Like the mighty Oak Tree, good things take a long time. Some strong work on the painting and masking of the canopy and clear parts Kyle. A five star finish.

    Two thumbs up Kyle.

  8. An amazing build of an amazing aircraft.
    Well done Kyle.

  9. Wonderful build and finish. Special.

  10. That some kit manufacturers are actually considering the more odd ones are fantastic; that they don´t get it right so often is quite frustrating. Always liked this one, ever since I saw the fantastic action packed box top of Airfix´s. Great finish and outstanding job on masking the clear bits.

  11. Better late...that looks sharp. Shading, exhaust streaks, decals, clear parts, all top notch. But that interior, that beats all.

    How 'bout that HE-115 now?

  12. Great looking model! All that masking was crisply done - such a chore for this aircraft!

  13. Great job! My son gave me this kit last Christmas...he likes "eclectic" subjects. It is next up on my list to build. Thanks for all the insights to the build. Thank God for Eduard canopy masks, hahaha. Of note, it seems that Hobby Boss listened to folks' comments about the now has the prop rotating in the correct direction.

  14. @kopperhed, That is great, an unusual design and a fantastic model! ? Very nice result Kyle! ?

  15. Lovely job indeed, but the prop rotation is incorrect? Looks like the prop would run counter-clockwise (viewed from the front)? If so, then the 'propeller torque' would tend to rotate the fuse clockwise, right? My understanding was that the reason for the asymmetry was to counter the torque? Is that incorrect?

    • I remember the asymmetrical design having a benefit of working against torque: if it did or not I'm not sure. But in the photos that is the way the props are set. Unless I am dumb

  16. Kyle, like I said before, you did a beautiful job on this kit. I’m getting ready to start my build and am curious as to what materials you used to “build” those weird underwing vanes. Yours look really accurate and I figured there was no need for me to reinvent them if I can do what you did. Thanks in advance…Tom.

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