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Hellcat Mk2 Eduard 1/48

August 14, 2022 · in Aviation · · 20 · 0.9K

Well it's been a long time since I got round to posting something but I have been plugging away in the man cave and checking in every day to see what everyone's been building.

The is one of my favorites along with it's little brother the Wildcat with there sturdy tough frames and lines they look great.

This kit and the one coming next are the duel combo boxing , and a definate must have if you see them for sale somewhere, in the box you get two kits to build Mk1 or Mk2 with lots of great PE and the options to build 6 different aircraft. The only disappointment was that the stencils are not included you have to buy them separately. I used resin aftermarket wheels .

This aircraft ,part of the British Pacific fleet flew from HMS Khedive in operations around Sumatra and Rangoon and was flown by Argentinean pilot Oscar Lorenzo ,I chose it because of the nice markings with the white stripes and the little bit of nose art.

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  1. Nice work Neil. This is a scheme not often seen, and it looks good.

    One eensy-weensy comment, not a complaint or a criticism, just info: the reason they went to GSB was that paint was so tough that it took years sitting out in the open to go dead flat (I've seen several in various states). For most of the airplanes we do, a very light coat of "satin" catches the paint the way it was after a few months on a carrier deck in the tropics. (Information for the next one)

  2. I did think about the finish and it would look better with a light sheen as you said but I'm calling this done as I've been staring at for weeks ! , it's so tricky to get the sheen just right and not to shiney.
    Thanks for the information though.

  3. P.S. what do you mean by GSB ?

  4. Excellent result, Neil!

  5. what do you mean by GSB ?

    Probably Gloss Sea Blue Neil.


  6. A great looking, Hellcat, Neil @neil-foster
    Excellent work on this scheme.

  7. Nice work, Neil. As my avatar suggests, I like British Hellcats!

  8. Two VERY nice Hellcats you got there (referring to the one with the D-Day stripes). Stellar all the way,Neil.

    If you’re ok with using lacquers, Alclad makes a very nice “Light Sheen” in their Klear Kote series that’s perfect for what TC is talking about. Just don’t get any skin oils on it once it drys.

  9. I know you like these naval planes, Neil, and the colour scheme on this one looks great. When did it become known as the Fleet Air Arm?

    • From what I've read the British navy was using aircraft and airships since 1909 but the Fleet Air Arm was formed in 1924 the same year they commissioned HMS Hermes the worlds first purpose built aircraft carrier.
      My old dad was in the Royal Navy and was on the carriers HMS Victorious and HMS Eagle ,that's where I got my love of naval aviation.
      Thanks for looking George.

  10. Looks great in this scheme!

  11. Hmm - now that's a great scheme! Those large roundels and white stripes really set it off. Looks great - I may have to copy that!

  12. Someone also did the same aircraft (much better than mine I might add) recently here on iModeler ,but yes it's a really nice scheme ,feel free to copy away buddy !

  13. Great build Neil, I love the scheme!

  14. Thanks Bob , it is a nice scheme.

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