Hobby Boss, 1:48 Scale F4F-4, 'Wildcat'

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Finally, calling this one DONE...and it is WAY late for a Midway group build on another forum, However, Ama post it anyways...

1:48 scale kit of Grumman's -4 ''. I did use a couple aftermarket goodies, like Reskit wheels and exhaust stacks, an Ultracast seat and Three Guys decals.

Paint is custom mixed Tamiya acrylics, in the early war scheme of Blue Grey over Light Grey. I thought I'd have a go at using the weathering pencils from Ammo in addition to the pastels I usually use All in all a decent build but I still like the Tamiya kit better. One thing that bothers me about BOTH kits, is the canopy hood will not sit correctly in the open position. Closed is fine, but then you hide any detail you might have done. It's a pain in the hind quarters.

Anyway, markings are those of a 'Wildcat' from VF-3, off USS Yorktown, and flown by LtCdr James S. 'Jimmy" Thatch. 'White 23' was the aircraft he flew against the Japanese fleet, the morning of 4 June, 1942. In it, he claimed one A6M2 as destroyed and another as a probable.

And here are the pictures...

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  1. Love the final result, Frederick!
    Well done!

  2. Very nicely done, Frederick @fjs3
    Beautiful weathering.

  3. Nice work Frederick , how did the kit go together , any issues ?

    • Thanks Neil,

      Overall the kit is pretty nice. It looks the part and it goes together as a pretty straight forward build. Wgat to watch out for, would be a few minor things that bugged me personally. I think the landing gear assembly, and the way it attaches to the model, are brittle. Easy to break if you're not careful. I'm am also not a fan of the attachment of the forward gear box and mags, to the from engine bank, Not a lot to glue it too, and it lines up a little funky if you aren't careful as well. Lastly, I am not a fan of the whole lower tub approach. It's where the cockpit, fire wall and wheel well all attach to the fuselage. The cockpit and wheel well detail are actually pretty nice. There is not a lot of plastic to install the cockpit on to, so again, be careful and test fit the hell out of it before gluing anything. Watch the attachment of the gear too, can be tricky if anything get bumped out of line. The rest of the kit really builds well, and do yourself a favor, pick up a Squadron Vac Form canopy, because the kit part will not fit if you want to leave it open. Closed, your good to go. Decals were OK from the kit, I just like the aftermarket ones better, so that's why I used them.

  4. Great job, Frederick (@fjs3). The custom paint and the weathering look perfect. The thickness of the sliding glass part are a perpetual problem when you want to display the canopy open. I read once that one of the manufacturers actually reduced the dimensions of the spine of the plane so that the canopy would look right if displayed open. Yours look fine. Well done.

  5. Nice work, Frederick. I like your mix for the blue a lot. I agree with you about both kits. I built the Tamiya -4 and a HB -3. I really liked both but used vac sliding sections. The way I look at it now is that I don’t need anymore open canopies on Wildcats. Until I get an Eduard Martlet………

  6. A fine looking Wildcat. I guess we’ll be seeing a lot of F4-F in these pages soon

  7. Cat looks good Frederick. Yeah I've restled with a few annoying canopy hoods in my day.
    Get chased by 'gators yet? Coming up for Pookeepsie?

    • Hey Bill!
      Thank you, and no, I have not been chased by any gators... yet, but I have not been here too long either.
      Probably NOT gonna make it up to Poughkeepsie again this year. That always was one of my favorite shows.
      I hope everything is well with you and the family.

  8. Fantastic work, Frederic, on our beloved Wildcat. And weathering...right-on.

  9. Looks fabulous! Great weathering and paint work

  10. Beautiful result, Freddie.

    Just got an Eduard F4F-3 delivered. It's beautiful. People can Buy In Confidence. (gonna review it and build it here soon)

  11. Thanks, Tom.
    I have one on the way to me as we speak. I have been clearing the decks of stuff I had started before the move south. I have been organizing and rearranging things to where I feel I am comfortable. I have three models that are on the verge, two more that need a little TLC and I have started one new kit.
    I hope you are well, and I will be looking to see what your impressions are with the Eduard kit.

  12. Fredderick sweet looking Grumman Wildcat buddy !

  13. Nice work Frederick, nice looking Wildcat. Also great job on the finish.

  14. A wonderful Wildcat - the weathering looks nice!

  15. Looks great Frederick. Nice subtle weathering

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