Trumpeter 1:32 Scale, Douglass SBD-5 "Dauntless"

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First one for 2023...

Actually, I started this kit back in 2018, 2019, I think? Sat on the shelf for a bit while I moved onto other things.

has this reputation of either making really nice kits, or some real dogs. This one fits into the "Really Nice" category. I will say this, the similarities between it, and the Accurate Miniatures 1:48 scale kit, are too numerous to ignore. It is an obvious up-scaling of the 1:48 kit. I've built two AccMin 's and I know the kit well. For Trumpeter, it's pretty easy to produce a really nice kit, when you're already copying an acknowledged great kit. Anyhow, it is a decent kit to build, builds up very nicely, has a lot of detail (Most of which can be seen) and the fit and alignment are pretty good.
I built mine out of box for the most part. I did add resin wheels from Master Casters, because the kit comes with those silly rubber tires. I hate those things, and they never look right. I also added Infini Aero Rigging, and I scratch-built the ignition harness from fine craft wire.
Model is painted using Model Master Enamels. I have been trying to get away from enamels and lacquers because they are not as safe as acrylics to use. It just happens, I still have a bunch and I thought I'd use them up before they go bad anyway. Not a fan of the paint anyway. It covers well, but it has no shelf life once opened.
Weathering was done using a slew of techniques. I used diffusion painting, Flory washes, thinned oils, AK Weathing Pencils and pastel chalk. The later two still need to be applies, but I want all paint and glue to be completely dry before I proceed.
Decals are a combination of kit supplied and hitting the old spares box.
Markings are those of "Sniper Forty -One", which was the aircraft of LCDR James D. 'JigDog' Ramage, the CO of VB-10, flying from USS Enterprise. Ramage flew this aircraft on the afternoon strike against the retiring Japanese fleet on the 20 June, 1944, one day after the infamous "Marianas Turkey Shoot".
Onto the next project...maybe another from the Shelf of Doom?

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  1. Turned out nicely, Frederick, your combination of weathering techniques seem to have hit the mark. By the way, I hope you don’t mind me asking, but shouldn’t this be in “aviation” rather than “uncategorized”?

  2. Yes, the Trumpy SBDs are all upscaled Accurate Miniatures, which is why they're the best of their WW2 kits.

    I want to say "Nice work, guy!" but first I have to ask, pretty please with sugar on it, can you run these photos through your graphics program and hit "BRIGHTEN" about 30 percent? My eyes will thank you.

    I do know it's good, because I know the kit and I know your work.

  3. A fantastic result, Frederick!

  4. Beautiful result on this Dauntless, Fredrick @fjs3
    Besides the already stunning results, the interior looks very impressive.

  5. Very impressive build, looks like the real one!

  6. Very nice build. the detail on the interior is especially tasty.

  7. Great-looking Dauntless! All that detail came out very nice.

  8. Good looking build. Nice job on the interior. Keep up the good work.

  9. A fine lookin' Dauntless!

  10. Looks great. I've been very tempted by this kit.

  11. Nicely done, beautiful detail work in the cockpit.

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