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Tamiya 1/48 F-4U-1 Corsair

March 13, 2023 · in Aviation · · 60 · 0.6K

Marine Fighting Squadron 213 (VMF-213) was formed on July 1, 1942 at Marine Corps Air Station Ewa, Hawaii and was a reserve fighter squadron in the United States Marine Corps.

The squadron left Ewa on February 21, 1943 and arrived at Espiritu Santo on March 1, receiving their first F4U Corsairs a few days later. Nicknamed the "Hell Hawks", VMF-213 fought during World War II in the Philippines and at the battles of Iwo Jima and Okinawa. With its assignment to the USS Essex (CV-9) and Air Group 4, along with VMF-124, it was one of the first two Marine squadrons to augment carrier air groups during World War II.

In mid-1943, the squadron harmonized the six .50 inch wing guns of their Mk I Vought F4U Corsairs to converge to a point 300 ft ahead.

Their usual tactic was to dive upon an enemy from the front and slightly to one side (a high-side attack using full deflection) and fire when at the convergence distance. The squadron was credited with downing 117 enemy aircraft during the war.

On July 17, 1943, VMF-213 was tasked with escorting a flight of TBF Avenger bombers in a strike against Japanese naval forces at Kahili, Bougainville.

An estimated thirty Zeros swooped in on the Americans over the target. Four of them jumped onto the tail of F4U-1 #02421, flown by First Lieutenant Foy "Poncho" Garison. Within seconds, the plane's wing tanks caught fire, and it crashed into the sea, with “Poncho” not seen attempting to flee before the vanished from view. Lieutenant Garison was declared dead on July 18, 1944.

This is the now classic Bird Cage Corsair, an excellent kit, promising to give you some fine modelling time.

If you wish to read the full build review, you may do so by visiting my beloved site Modelingmandness:

Happy Modelling!
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  1. A great looking Corsair supported by a nice to read article, Spiros @fiveten
    All the extras you did, like the brake lines, exhaust pipes and engine, do add a lot to the final finish.
    The painting and weathering does look great as well.

  2. Beautiful Bird! Well done Spiros @fiveten

  3. Nice work as always, @fiveten. The Tamiya Corsairs are the best kind of "comfort food" and you made the most of this one.

  4. A fine kit, a fine build by a fine modeler, great job Spiros

  5. Excellent-looking Corsair, Spiros! Love the details!

  6. A fine depiction of the crooked wing devil @fiveten. It seems you had a mishap on the flap, and some liquid plastic restored to pristine conditions 😉

  7. Your extra work on this classic kit has brought it right up today’s standard, Spiros, yet another great post from you.

  8. Well done, Spiros (@fiveten). The build review was great. Nice paint work on this one.

  9. Spiros Pendedekas (@fiveten)
    This is another excellent build and article. It also is my favorite aircraft ever... the Corsair. It is a nice improvement with the exhaust and the brake lines. I might have to incorporate some of these additions to the Corsair "kindergarten".

    The Solomon's campaign was a rough one. I never realized just how bad it was, until I started doing the research on my "Mayberry" Corsair that I posted 10 days ago.

    Thanks for sharing this with us. I definitely clicked on the "like" button.

    Take care my friend.

  10. My compliments on a fine Corsair build. Very well done.

  11. Fine modeling indeed, an excellent Corsair and I enjoyed reading the backstory. Thanks for sharing, Spiros!

  12. That’s one great looking model Spiros.

  13. As always, Well done, Spiros! The paint/weathering look amazing.

  14. Nicely done Spiros...there is some great weathering done there!

  15. Great job mate. Looks fantastic.

  16. Splendid, just splendid Spiros @fiveten! 👍 Excellent Corsair and great backstory as well! 😁

  17. Beautiful work Spiros, @fiveten, I really like the color. The birdcage Corsairs are my favorite, and you nailed this one.

  18. Excellent work, Spiros!

  19. Nice job on that Birdcage! Love those Tamiya Corsairs.

  20. I'm always amazed at how productive you our Spiros. You don't see early Corsairs on the Warbird circuit or at air shows. But, we modelers makem like hot cakes. Appreciate, the back story on the pilot. Not everyone made it back. To paraphrase several sources; " Speak my name I will live forever." .

    Lieutenant Garison will live in the public consciousness for now and not be forgotten.

    Two thumbs up.

  21. Beautiful build Spiros! I love the Corsair - have one or two more I'm going to tackle soon...

  22. @fiveten - As always Spiros, great build and great article. I do enjoy the amount of research you put into your builds.

  23. Fantastic job, Spiros. The birdcage is definitely my favorite version. Bravo!

  24. Beautiful job on my all-time favorite aircraft, Spiros. A surprising (to me, anyway) number of aircraft had the window in the bottom of the fuselage early in the war...

  25. Superb model, maybe my favorite one, and a beautiful job 🙂
    Currently on the same model but a bit bigger (1/32) from Tamiya. The cockpit is done, and the engine is in progress. Lot of fun! Cheers my friend!

  26. Spiros this is another WINNER. You have motivated me to get my Corsairs onto the 'to build' list for 2023. Your weathering and finish is superb. Well done!

  27. beautiful work! really nice job on the weathering!


  28. Great build Spiros. Nice attention to detail and going the extra mile.

  29. Congratulations, Spiros. Outstanding, especially the weathering.

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