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Arado 68 F-1, Roden 1/48

August 27, 2023 · in Aviation · · 26 · 592

from Ukraine is well known producer of plastic kits. They made two variants of Arado 68 in version E and F-1 in scale. Both kits are almost same, except front part of fuselage with engine and propeller. Kits are most likely made like short-run range with very good fitting. All panel lines was rescribbed and surface of kit parts was airbrushed with help of GSI Mr. Color Surfacer 1000.

I have chosen this colorful camouflage. I´m decided make my own masks and whole marking airbrushed through masks. It looks always much more better, than decals.

I have used all paints from lacquer authentic paint Bilmodels from Poland. They are very good. They was fast drying and easily airbrushed. I wanted made shades and highlights with heavy preshading. I made heavy preshading with help of stencils from 77Propeller - easy using tool with great result after airbrushed of paints.

Final wash was made with enamel washes Tamiya Panel Line Accent Colors.

Building of kit was big relax. Arado was huge (much more bigger than Bf 109).

Importnat notice: I was build my kit with help of historical sources, that means - hakenkreuz was part of national markings. It isn´t something about nazzi ideology, just historical fact.

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  1. A wonderful result, Jakub!
    Well done!

  2. Great job.
    I need one now too. LOL.

  3. Excellent work, Jakob. I really like the seat belts.

    • Seatbelts are used from photoetched set from Eduard. But I have done new colour RLM 41 over coloured dashbord in RLM 02 from set. Set from Eduard was quite usefull. I have done new space over oil cooler. It was necessary.

      3 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  4. Superb work...Thanks for posting your excellent model.

  5. A superb build Jakub. Excellent 👍

  6. Superb build, Jakub @jakub-vilingr
    The paintwork is amazing and I agree that painting the markings looks way better than using decals.

    • Sprayed markings which I have done, I airbrushed much more easier postshaded and weathered than make weathering on decals. It is main reason, why I usually airbrush all markings through my own masks.

  7. Beautiful colours and markings

    • If you want templates for this camouflage, I have done my own vectors for Silhouette plotter 😉 I could send it for you (but not for comercial using! )

      1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  8. Ouh là là, Monsieur ! (in other words, hats off)

  9. Excellent! I have this one on order, looking forward to it!

    • It's a shame that the kit has a too crudely moulded panel lines on engine cover for the E version 🙁 But other parts of airplane are very good moulded.

      3 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  10. The pre-shading looks wonderful.

  11. That’s a lovely colour scheme.

  12. Really nice result with this. Excellent paintwork. The Roden Ar-68s are unappreciated gems, much more accurate than other kits of these airplanes.

    • It is true. This kit was easy to build. Yes, I´m rescribbed all panel lines, added screws, metal MG-17 barrels, photoetched parts, but in overal view, build was really easy.
      I have working on Roden´s Heinkel He-51 now, but it is older kit than Ar 68, but building are quite difficult.

      8 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  13. Wow - that's a stunner! Well done!

  14. That’s absolutely gorgeous.

  15. Most excellent scale modeling, Jakub @jakub-vilingr! 😀 That's a great looking model, sir! 👍

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