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"Arctic Aggressors": Hasegawa F-16C/D

May 18, 2024 · in Aviation · · 18 · 186

Having examined 's instructions of the F-16C/N, I was inspired to enhance the old kit with plenty of spare parts from Tamiya's F-16CJ kit and added Legend's ejection seats. The final results would not have been possible without Afterburner's decals. Of special interest was the modification of the F-16D model where I replaced the wheel bays with the Aires kit for Tamiya. As a result, I had to lengthen the fuselage by 3mm, which was done in two places having faith in Tamiya's to be a more accurate mold. In addition, I replaced the entire air intake sub-assembly with Tamiya parts and added a few scratch made parts missed in both Hasegawa's much older kits.

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  1. Excellent overall job and total success in substituting parts with Tamiya ones, Rafi! The schemes really stand out and, as always, you replicated them supremely!

  2. Well done. I love aggressor schemes

  3. Excellent build.
    In the next month or so I'm going to start building a YF-16 (this being the 50th anniversary of the Viper) using a mash up of the even older Otaki and original Tamiya F-16 kits and a whole lot of aftermarket.

  4. Two beautiful aggressors, Rafi @blackmopane
    No signs of the increased fuselage length, well done.

  5. Very striking camo, Rafi (@blackmopane). You don't make it seem like a difficult conversion, but I will bet it took some real work to bring all these different parts together. Well done.

  6. Great work, love the paint schemes!

  7. Two beauties, Rafi. And your fabrication work turned out perfectly. Special.

  8. Awesome builds Rafi. Well done 😀

  9. As always, your above-and-beyond efforts really bring these builds to life. Beautiful work.

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