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59 years young (Groan!) Modelling since the age of 7(ish!) – usually USAAF/USAF/RAF aircraft in 1/48 or larger. Subjects from mid-WWII to late Vietnam & maybe some odd new stuff thrown in now & then if it interests me enough.
I have been known to model ‘targets’ & floating things (boats? ships? What’s the difference?) and vow that one day I WILL finish that huge Tamiya ‘Mighty Mo’ kit!
I have modelled motorcycle kits but having a few real ones find I can’t get them exactly as I want them in plastic.
Hey-ho & never mind – it relaxes me.
I live in Lincolnshire (Bomber County) in the UK and am currently still working in IT (Yawn!) though I’m retiring this year! (Hoorah!).
Into motorbikes, aircraft, the Military & things of beauty & quality. I love music but not opera! I play the guitar a little and also sing when I feel like it!

Let the good times roll!

Revell 1/32 Ju-88 A-1, Norway, 1940

The airframe depicted has been raised from a lake in Jonsvatnet, Norway in 2004 where it sank through the ice in 1940. Even though it was a relatively new airframe built in 1940, it already had a new wing and had been recoded on the fuselage sid[...]

Tamiya 1/32 F-4C Phantom USAF early scheme. Vietnam 1965

This is my Tamiya Phantom in the early USAF gull gray & white colour scheme used until around 1966 when the SEA camo scheme came into use. I loved building this kit even though it was a few years ago now. Cockpit is Black Box and there are A[...]

Our Jack, my modelling buddy!

Dig his 'Fu Manchu'! He was actually watching TV when I interrupted him for this photo......

Monogram D-335A4 Pfeil Luft’46

Another What-If? - Luftwaffe1946: After much drawn out fighting, the Germans finally capitulate. Leaving behind items such as this D0-335 much abused & repaired Arrow. Replaced wing & lower fin in case you hadn't noticed! Have fun &[...]

Hasegawa 1/48 Kyushu J7W1 Shinden (Greased Lightning?)

Another silly take on what could have happened.... This was an experiment in flaking paint as well as another captured trials aircraft. Cheers!

Hasegawa 1/72 RF-29G (for Germany!) – What If?

Just some fun stuff with Hasegawa's old X-29 kit. No one can say this is the wrong colour eh? 'Ave a larf why don't you.....? Cheers guys!

Tamiya 1/32 F-14A Tomcat of VF-84 after Gulf War (1), 1991

A small number of pics of my Tamiya 1/32 F-14 Tomcat which I still believe to one of the best looking of all the Grumman 'Cats! Please forgive the bombs but they were in the box - & I like bombs..... Rather heavy weathering on top but appare[...]

FAA Grumman Wildcat AL426 being stripped, restored & preserved at Yeovilton, UK

These few pics are from a visit we paid to the FAA Museum at Yeovilton in around 2006 when they were restoring their Wildcat AL246. I found it amazing that the colours inside had never been touched up or replaced and were a true depiction of pai[...]

Academy 1/35 M18 Hellcat GMC, WWII NW Europe 1945

Another kit I enjoyed completing more than ever after adding bags & boxes etc. I hope all you guys & gals out there like it! Cheers.

Dragon 1/35 U.S. Army M3 Half trackNW Europe 1945

Dragons M3 Halftrack - another complex but rewarding build which had after-market thrown at it in the shape of bags & boxes etc. to 'busy' it up a bit. I love the look of these pugnacious beasts! Cheers!